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  1. Word formation Adjectives (suffixes) -ous -ent -ive -ful -al -able -less

  2. -ful -al -able I’m happy to have a friend. -ent (rely) reliable -ive -less -ous

  3. -ful -al -able (create) What a idea! creative -ent -ive -less -ous

  4. -ful -al -able I’m good at history, but at math. -ent hopeless (hope) -ive -less -ous

  5. -ful -al -able A man was sitting in a armchair. -ent (comfort) comfortable -ive -less -ous

  6. -ful -al -able Unfortunately, all our efforts are -ent (use). useless. -ive -less -ous

  7. -ful -al -able Have you got any arguments? -ent (logic) logical -ive -less -ous

  8. -ful -al -able I’ve recently read a book. -ent remarkable (remark) -ive -less -ous

  9. -ful -al -able I don’t find your project -ent (attract). attractive. -ive -less -ous

  10. ). -ful -al -able He lived a hard and life. -ent adventurous (adventure) -ive -less -ous

  11. -ful -al -able The news isn’t very I am afraid. -ent (cheer), cheerful, -ive -less -ous

  12. -ful -al -able These T-shirts are sold in colours. -ent different (differ) -ive -less -ous

  13. -ful -al -able This river is for swimmers. dangerous (danger) -ent -ive -less -ous

  14. -ful -al -able central I live in the part of the town. (centre) -ent -ive -less -ous

  15. -ful -al -able She has a wonderfully face. -ent expressive (express) -ive -less -ous

  16. -ful -al -able I need some really advice. -ent (practice) practical -ive -less -ous

  17. ). -ful -al -able Nick is a very actor. -ent (ambition) ambitious -ive -less -ous

  18. -ful -al -able Let’s buy this book. It’s so -ent (colour). colourful. -ive -less -ous

  19. -ful -al -able He is a serious and person. -ent (confidence) confident -ive -less -ous

  20. -ful -al Your new dress is really -able -ent (beauty). beautiful. -ive -less -ous

  21. -ful -al You’ve made several mistakes in the test! -able careless (care) -ent -ive -less -ous

  22. -ful -al -able My father is a highly man. -ent intelligent (intelligence) -ive -less -ous