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WAOL Advisory Group PowerPoint Presentation
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WAOL Advisory Group

WAOL Advisory Group

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WAOL Advisory Group

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  1. WAOL Advisory Group Monday, August 20, 2012

  2. Agenda: • State Authorization • Blackboard Collaborate Check-in • Tegrity Check-in • ANGEL Check-in • eLearning Community • Canvas Update • Open Course Library • OCL Research Next meeting – September 17th– same time, same place

  3. State Authorization • If you are enrolling students from Maryland, take a look at what you should do by October 1—their rules change then. • USDOE regulation requiring state authorization was vacated by US District Court and that ruling was upheld June 5 by the US Court of Appeals, and that ruling remanded to DOE.  So it’s still not over.  However, state laws remain on the books. • The regulation was vacated not because the state laws are illegal but because the US Dept of Ed didn’t follow the correct process—so it’s just a technical ruling.  Still must be done. • Remember the requirement to provide complaint contacts for out-of-state students was not vacated. This is for all students. • • More information on this wiki:

  4. Blackboard Collaborate • Collaborate (Wimba/Elluminate combo) • V 11 Instructions here: (Search the WAOL Blog • • Here is the free app for Collaborate Mobile for V12: • Collaborate will support Canvas integration (LTI) • We’re working on test access, they’re aiming for August 23 delivery

  5. Tegrity Check-in We’re working with Canvas and Tegrity to integrate Tegrity, initially with LCC’s installation Will Tegrity recordings migrate to Canvas? --We think so if the user ID remains the SID or EID

  6. Tegrity Training • Desktop Training: • Training Videos:

  7. ANGEL Check-in • ANGEL 8.0 Upgrade – Sept 10th • Hosting changes, last Friday • Get ANGEL help at:

  8. eLearning Community …is currently on summer break, sessions resume September 20th Participant Link: All sessions will be recorded and available via this link: To view the session schedule, follow this link: If you have suggestions for how to improve the format of these sessions or a suggestion for a future topic, please fill in this form:

  9. Canvas Update and Notes • MOU • SB eLearning Canvas: • SBCTC1 & SBCTC2 available for testing • Pilots may be done on SBCTC, under sub-account • Courses • Get your courses into the right Canvas environment • Export and Import course content • SIS Integration • New system, run in parallel with SMS-ANGEL • Split your courses between ANGEL and Canvas

  10. Open Course Library • Tom Caswell just took a job with WGU as Director of Instructional Design • BoyoungChae will be interim manager of the OCL

  11. OCL Research • The purpose of the study is to investigate the adoption of Open Course Library (OCL) courses within the WA CTC system. • How and to what extent, are open course materials being shared and used? • What are the barriers or keys to the successful adoption of open course materials? • What institutional policies are needed to support the adoption and use of open course materials? • How does the use of open course materials influence student success?

  12. Research Method • Qualitative Study • Focus group with faculty who have experience with OCL course materials • Follow-up phone interviews with focus group participants

  13. Focus Group at Tacoma CC • Participants: 10 faculty members who have experience with OCL course materials to any extent • 1 hour focus group, followed by 30 minutes phone interview

  14. Preliminary finding 1 • Those who decided to adopt the OCL materials liked: • OCL materials being offered as a whole package • OCL courses offers low cost textbook • Proper institutional support. • OCL course quality was impressive

  15. Preliminary finding 2 • Those who decided not to adopt the OCL materials encountered the barriers including: • OCL courses resides in ANGEL. • OCL courses did not offer low cost textbook. • Did not receive proper institutional support. • OCL course quality was not very impressive. • Outdated resources • Course objectives were not aligned with course content • Course did not utilize the proper open resources

  16. Preliminary finding 3 • What faculty consider keys to successful adoption • A community of OCL users • A system where they can continuously improve these courses. • More connection with the authors to ask questions or suggest ideas.

  17. Take Aways:

  18. Next meeting September 17th, 2012, 11:00 to noon on Blackboard Collaborate information on this web site: Recordings on WAOL Blog: Please forward invitations to others on your campus who might be interested.