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Tracking Calories PowerPoint Presentation
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Tracking Calories

Tracking Calories

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Tracking Calories

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  1. Tracking Calories The purpose of our system is to allow people to track their caloric intake and/or their food servings in the different food groups (grains, vegetables, fruit, milk, meat and beans, oils). ( We see our main users as the people who exercise moderately and the people who exercise lightly. Both of these groups report that they try to eat “healthy”. We hope that by using our App, it will be easier for these users to track their caloric intake and/or their servings from the different food groups.

  2. Reminder alarm rings User shuts off alarm Reminder is displayed User goes to App App Opens and Lookup Pops up User enters item eaten and looks up calorie count System displays calorie count User enters calorie count into App System displays and shows total for day User chooses to go back to Lookup or go on or Quits App Food servings buttons pop up User presses one of 5 buttons and enters servings eaten or Quits App System displays and shows totals for day User chooses to go back to food serving buttons or Quits App

  3. Go To Calorie Lookup Reminder! It’s time to enter your calories! Enter Calories Alarm Off Go To Servings Lookup Enter App Enter Servings Back Continue Quit Total Calories Consumed Today System goes to either Or And user looks up calorie count for food item eaten. Enter Food Item (Total) Enter # of Calories Go Back To Calorie Lookup Screen Go To Food Servings Entry Screen Back Continue Quit Back Continue Quit Protein Servings Totals Protein # Vegetables # Fruit # Milk # Starch # Fat # Total Servings for Today # Total Calories for Today # How many Proteins? (There will need to be six screens – 1 for each kind of food. Vegetables Fruit Milk Starch Enter # of Servings Fats Back Continue Quit Back Continue Quit