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  1. عمل الطالبات : نور منصور أسماء امحمد آلاء قورشة calories

  2. Today will see and know about the calories. lets enjoy the play about two girls talking about calories.

  3. No thanks !! Do you know how many calories you will get? Let me tell you about the calories. and how to live healthy. hi.. Are you hungry? Do you want to come with me and eat

  4. First: you must think about what type of food you want to eat. Second : you must ask your self how many calories you will get from eating that food ,and know how to calculates the calories. Third : you will take your dissection if you want to eat it or no.

  5. Ok .. Now can you tell me about some fruits and how many calories they have . like the : Sure… come with me and I will tell you about them more

  6. We know that in the past the people didn’t care about the calories but nowadays the people there health So now we make a study about calories through the time We organize the data in the timeline.

  7. Now after the technology come to our life there is no time to calculate the calories so we have to eat fast food that has many calories and most people they eat fast food they come in disease so I made a table showing the calories in some fruits .

  8. Thank you about this information but I still want to know more about our health and how we can protects our self from fat Don’t worry .. I will tell you ways you can protect your self from fat.

  9. The right ways for eating • Eat as your body need • Don’t eat the food that has many calories • Don’t eat more than 3 meals .

  10. Good health Have standard Weight . Gets enough protein and nutrients Make us fat. Get sick . It will makes us unable to play some sports . • Advantage of healthy food • Disadvantageof unhealthy food

  11. Pictures about fat people video

  12. Now I wish you learn enough data about the calories and how you can protect your self from fat and have a good health .

  13. Done by : noor Alaa Asma

  14. The end