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Personal training

Personal training

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Personal training

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  1. Gne Fitness

  2. PERSONAL TRAINING • Coaching Experience:    I’m pleased and proud to have had multiple clients through the years, who have successfully implemented long-term career and life plans in their health and fitness. • I bring real-life experience to the collegiate wrestling industry as a coach and as an athlete. My coaching skills come from many experiences, I’ve  have had throughout the years and incorporated them in ways to be the most helpful and efficient for my collegiate and professional players. • I enjoy working with players of all ages and Impacting their life’s in both health and fitness style.  I focus on teaching that “Success is the result of perfection, hard work, learning from failure, loyalty, and persistence”

  3. WRESTLING COACH • With years of experience as a wrestling instructor for women and men alike, Allise Ward is proud to coach wrestlers to championship status in the gneFitness gym. The emphasis isn’t purely on what goes on in the gym—though that part’s critical—but also on forming healthy habits to maintain peak physical condition, including eating a healthy diet. The bottom line: Allise and her gneFitness team believe that anyone can live a championship life, and that certainly includes competitive wrestlers! • The gneFitness team provides expertise in both freestyle and folk-style wrestling. Freestyle wrestling is perhaps better identified as the wrestling system on display in the Olympics, while folk-style is more common in collegiate settings. The two forms of wrestling differ not only in scoring conventions, but also in that folk-style wrestling permits some moves for those who are on the bottom, while freestyle wrestling only allows the player on the bottom to try to avoid being turned. • Success in either requires robust physical condition as well as a trained mind, and gneFitness’ wrestling coaches can provide expertise in both fields. To learn more about training to be a champion wrestler in the Dublin, Ohio area, contact gneFitness’ team today!

  4. PERSONAL TRAINING RATES • Single Sessions are $80 on a one-time basis. You can save by purchasing a multiple sessions. Personal Training Packages are available for 8, 16, or 24 sessions.  For your convenience, you can also purchase sessions online right here, or may be purchased in person – cash or personal checks are accepted. Sessions purchased online will be available for you immediately! However, you will need to sign a waiver before taking your first session. All sessions are valid for 6 months, and are non-transferable. • Scheduling sessions are done by calling or emailing one of the staff members that are available to arrange your personal training session. • There will be no refunds of personal training sessions money for any reason. A refund may occur if there is an issue regarding our scheduling or our training center. To cancel a previously scheduled personalized session, please call or email us at, Please keep in mind that sessions must be cancelled a full 24 hours in advance of the date and time scheduled or you will be charged for the session. Although money will not be refunded if you cancel a session, you may reschedule the session for a different time provided that you cancelled 24 hours in advance.

  5. Contact Us - • Address - (gneFitness - office) 6605 Longshore Street Suite 240 #121 Dublin, OH 43017-2774 • Phone - 614. 396-7755 • Email - • Website -