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Personal Training Dublin

Personal Training Dublin

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Personal Training Dublin

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  1. PERSONAL TRAINING DUBLIN 1 visit our website

  2. INDEX Personal Training Dublin 03 Personal Training 04 Personal Trainers 05 Personal Trainer 06 PHOTO GALLERY 07 Personal Training Dublin 08 Personal Trainers Dublin 09 Personal Training 10 2

  3. PERSONAL TRAINERS DUBLIN Ideal Fitness was created with intention to bring our services after you in order to achieve your objective regarding your fitness goal or weight loss and to save your time and money. Personal Trainers Dublin visit our website 3

  4. PERSONAL TRAINING Our most around Dublin areas and we are equipped with all the exercise equipment necessary to deliver that type of exercise and fitness training that will get results. We come to you when and where you want. mobile personal training team, service visit our website 4

  5. PERSONAL TRAINERS At Ideal Fitness we realize that each person we work with is an individual, that is why we adapt our coaching and nutrition plans to your specific body, main goals, along with your exercise expertise. We cover all of the aspects of training from the initial screening with our sports therapist, that helps to inform the structure of our training We are qualified Trainers and just fallow our standard rules. We love to see results in our clients and like to see development in our training. We proceed a continual process reviewing and improving our training skills to ensure the effective task of training. All needs is your ambition and willing to change, the rest is our job. . visit our website 5

  6. PERSONAL TRAINER Small Small Group fitness option training with a partner or in a small group, that’s because your are more likely to stick to your training and with a saving of over 40% it makes great economic sense. Our Small Personal Personal Training Training is perfect for those who want the benefits of having a personal trainer but at the shared cost of training in groups of 3 to 6 people. Group Personal Personal Training Training is always a better Small Group Group visit our website 6


  8. PERSONAL TRAINING DUBLIN We believe every organization should incorporate fitness into their workplace culture and we can work with you to achieve just that. Our corporate fitness program focused on team-building and bonding exercise to develop team skills. We seek to provide a fun, safe and enjoyable workout atmosphere for staff members to help them achieve a healthier body and attitude translating to a more efficient and productive workforce.. visit our website 8

  9. PERSONAL TRAINERS DUBLIN Gain big Gain big business business benefits from benefits from our corporate our corporate fitness fitness program program Your first session is a 45 your home. We use this session to determinate your exercise history, your current state of strength & fitness and your lifestyle changes that we need to help you implement. There is a training in this session which it sets the foundation for everything you do with us . You get to tell us your story and share your vision of health Prices. 45 min health appraisal at 9 visit our website

  10. PERSONAL TRAINING P Personal Training ersonal Training visit our website 10