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Personal Training

Personal Training

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Personal Training

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  1. Personal Training By: Daniel Chiarello

  2. Goal The goal will be to use advanced technology, equipment, and software to help our customers get the best possible workout and also so they will be completely satisfied with the results

  3. TRX Pro Suspension Training Kit The TRX is a suspension based workout tool that can be used to work almost any part of your body. The versatile TRX offers hundreds of different workouts. Cost: $249.99 Buy it from

  4. eSpinner Stationary spinning bike that offers 1 million different custom rides Has an iPod dock to listen to your favorite music while you ride and a touch screen computer with a digital TV tuner so you can watch movies or television Cost $900.00 Available at

  5. Stepmill SM5 Touch screen console with a TV tuner Landmark challenge program allows the user to climb famous landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower, Taj Mahal, Statue of Liberty and many more. The multi stage fit st allows the user to see their level of fitness Cost: $6949.00 Buy online at

  6. E35 SOLE Elliptical Includes a built in cooling fan, a water bottle holder, an Ipod adapter, pulse monitors on the handle bars to monitor your heart rate. Cost: $1299.88 Available online at

  7. Life Fitness Double Cord Allows users to simulate movements performed on cable weight machines Cost: $28.95 Available online at

  8. Original Health Club Step Adjustable heights of 4, 6, and 8 inches Can start group step classes for people interested in getting a nice cardio workout Cost: $104.95 Available online at

  9. Centurion 23TX3 Commercial Treadmill Series Offers 26 programs including a fit test to see how fit you are Can test for your vO2 max after you have completed the fit test IPod capabilities Cost: $6,995.00 Available at

  10. Crosstrainer 7 Software Helps you build a customized diet and exercise plan Users can access their account from their home browsers Offers both nutrition and fitness logs making it easy to see how your diet and/or exercise is going Available at