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SBCTC Advisory Group PowerPoint Presentation
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SBCTC Advisory Group

SBCTC Advisory Group

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SBCTC Advisory Group

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  1. SBCTC Advisory Group Monday, July 7, 2013

  2. Agenda: • 2014 Meeting Schedule: • State Authorization • Training • Blackboard Collaborate Check-in • Panopto • Canvas • Competency Based Education • OER Guest– Boundless Next meeting – July 21– same time, same place

  3. State Authorization • All colleges are required to provide information to ALL students on the complaint process in their home state. You can use a link to the SHEEO list: • • WCET SAN as a consortium. An unlimited number of college staff can be on the WCET SAN listserv. • SARA (State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement) continues to move forward. For more information: • • WCET •

  4. Training • Sloan-C registration closed

  5. Blackboard Collaborate • Collaborate (Wimba/Elluminate combo) • Here is the free app for Collaborate Mobile for V12: • Telephony for Canvas integration is coming

  6. PanoptoCheck-in

  7. Canvas Update • Scheduling product demos in LMS workgroup meeting • Any issues to share or discuss?

  8. Competency Based Ed. • Contact Connie Broughton

  9. Publishing your content on Boundless

  10. Textbooks prices: rising at 3x inflation for decades 3x Educational Books and Supplies Consumer Price Index (1982-1984 = 100) Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

  11. 7 in 10 students have skipped buying a textbook due to cost Source: Student PIRGS

  12. Boundless has created one of the leading online resources Boundless Wikibooks Coursera FlatWorld Connexions CK12 Boundless data from Google Analytics, other sites are proportional based on relative traffic to Boundless

  13. Cloud Powered Textbooks 20+ college level subjects Easy customization Any device, Anywhere

  14. Cloud Powered Teaching Resources Pre-made PowerPoints, easy to share + edit Ready to use or easily customized assignments

  15. Cloud Powered Classroom Easy classroom management Real time metrics + data

  16. Boundless OER Initiative Publish your open textbooks View and edit in our e-reader

  17. Boundless OER Initiative Share your content on any device, with your classroom or around the world Update your content at any time under a CC BY-SA license Add images, videos, and collaborate with other authors

  18. Boundless Platform Demo of the Boundless editing toolkit

  19. Boundless Authors PD Magnus, PhD, professor of Philosophy, University of Albany; forall x: an Introduction to Formal Logic William Reusch, PhD. professor emeritus of Chemistry, Michigan State University; Virtual Textbook of Organic Chemistry John Scales, PhD, professor of Physics, Colorado School of Mines; Linear Systems: Math for Biologists and Engineers

  20. OER Initiative FAQ What do I have to do to publish my textbook on Boundless? Nothing! Just send us the files and we will do all the work to migrate it to our e-reader. Will I still own my content? What if I want to remove it? Yes, you will still be the owner of your content, which will be licensed under CC BY-SA. Your website says you sell textbooks for $19.99. Will you make money off my content? No, we sell software, not content. All of our content is available for free online. We offer an optional, low-cost upgrade to students who want extra study software (responsive flashcards, quizzes, highlights, digital notebook, etc.) and package it with content as a “Boundless textbook.” This option is not available for OER content. I don’t have a textbook, but can I publish other course materials, like lecture notes? We would like to publish many different types of teaching materials, but our pilot program this summer will focus on complete textbooks.

  21. Take Aways:

  22. Next meeting July 21, 11:00 to noon on Blackboard Collaborate information on this web site: Recordings on WAOL Blog: Please forward invitations to others on your campus who might be interested.