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SBCTC Advisory Group PowerPoint Presentation
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SBCTC Advisory Group

SBCTC Advisory Group

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SBCTC Advisory Group

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  1. SBCTC Advisory Group Monday, April 28, 2014

  2. Agenda: • 2014 Meeting Schedule: • State Authorization • Blackboard Collaborate Check-in • PanoptoCheck-in • ANGEL Check-in • Canvas Check-in • Project I-DEA Check-in • Accessible Technology Task Force Next meeting – May 12– same time, same place

  3. State Authorization • News: Department of Ed negotiated rulemaking to revive federal state authorization is underway. DOE will reinstate federal regulations that require institutions to be authorized in each state in which the institution has a presence. • WSAC will apply to SARA in April • Washington institutions will be able to apply to WSAC in May or June. Cost $1250 per institution per year • Another cost to national SARA based on college size (between $2000 and $6000 per year) • All colleges are required to provide information to ALL students on the complaint process in their home state. You can use a link to the SHEEO list, available here:

  4. State Authorization • Military programs: • 76% of military who are seeking a degree (while in service) are working fully at a distance • The Dept of Defense is drafting language on tuition assistance policies that will ask colleges in what states the students in their military programs reside and whether the college is authorized to deliver instruction in those states.  DOD assumes the DOE will re-instate federal rules that colleges must comply with state authorization in order to get access to federal funds (although this has not yet been reinstated), and it appears DOD plans the same policy. • There is a general belief that DOD funds for tuition assistance will be reduced in the future • DOD is very interested in “swirling” students who take courses but do not get degrees—they want to fund for completion

  5. State Authorization • WCET State Authorization Network: • We are signed up as a system for another year • I will send updates and information both to ELC listserv and to the list of college contacts. Check your college for accuracy. • • More information on this wiki:

  6. Blackboard Collaborate Renewing Collaborate for another term.

  7. PanoptoCheck-in • Panopto is the apparent successful vendor. We are negotiating the contract right now. • Panopto will move all videos from Tegrity by June 30 • Details to follow • For more information on Panopto: • Timeline and important info posted here:

  8. ANGEL Check-in • Contract for ANGEL ends 6-30-14 Oh, yeah. That’s really soon.

  9. Canvas Update Zendesk move for the rest of the participating colleges is being schedule. Once Kevin is back from vacation and Rick has scheduled a date you will be contacted with the timeline for the move.

  10. Project I-DEA • 3 year grant from Gates to use flipped model for lower level ES. Students work 50% online; colleges supply devices and connectivity

  11. Accessible Technology Task Force • Update

  12. Take Aways:

  13. Next meeting May 12, 11:00 to noon on Blackboard Collaborate information on this web site: Recordings on WAOL Blog: Please forward invitations to others on your campus who might be interested.