effective facilitators n.
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Effective Facilitators

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Effective Facilitators

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Effective Facilitators

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  1. Effective Facilitators Attributes, Methods & Behaviours

  2. Attributes: Inherent Characteristics Sense of humor Clarity Ability to empower Instill trust quickly Ability to maintain energy Strong self confidence so you aren’t thrown off track Attributes Student focused Advanced communication to a high level Advanced listening skills Available Flexibility Practice what you preach

  3. Behaviours: Learned Responses Ability to assess in real time Know where the hot buttons and don’t press or press knowingly Student focused Ability to empower Valuing the role of frustration in learning Ability to make decisions on what to bring forward as important Behaviours Instill trust quickly Advanced communication to a high level Ability to bring closure (defined as bringing together as a foundation for growth) Ability to provide problem solving rather than offering solutions Good marketing skills Know the battles to fight Advanced listening skills

  4. Methods: Skill that influences others Keeping learning outcomes in focus while assessing Ability to organize a sequential set of activities Ability to embed assessment everywhere (formative, summative, real-time, self assessment) Ability to uncover hidden agenda Ability to support and nurture faculty while they remain out of the box (allow them to fail while supporting them) Ability to keep something simple and focused Methods Establishing a trusting environment Effective management of time Mastery of appropriate content Time management skills Mastery of supporting tools of the content Ability to organize a sequential set of activities Make sure people know where they are headed. Ability to effectively rephrase Ability to provide constructive intervention Real time curriculum design Ability to grow assessment skills of participants Ability to appear redundant to the learning process, while being integral to it Effective management of affects