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Poems Without Pictures

Poems Without Pictures

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Poems Without Pictures

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  1. Poems Without Pictures Summer Bridge 2008 Central HS

  2. Poems Penny a Piece (Some are Oodles of Noodles)

  3. My poem #1 On Saturday it was boring So I baked a cake for fun After I was finished I learned a valuable lesson to always clean while you work, Cause it will always be a mess And u get in trouble

  4. Another Poem #2 People can say that girls wear Tight pants but then again They do. Its like they have fashion Then they don’t its like some Want attention and some jus Want to look cute.

  5. I love to write poems • I think your cute poem • I feel like I am in elementary school when you have a little crush and you feel happy when the little boy sitting next you says I think your cute I like your eyes I like your smile I like your nose even the way you say hello and even the way you say goodbye were like little kids kissing in the snow. But when it comes to me and you we will always share our crayons until I say its time for me to go.

  6. The wind I saw you toss the kites on highAnd blow the birds about the sky;And all around I heard you pass,Like ladies’ skirts across the grass—O wind, a-blowing all day long,O wind, that sings so loud a song!

  7. Spring • The year’s at the spring,And day’s at the morn;Morning’s at seven;The hill-side’s dew-pearled;The lark’s on the wing;The snail’s on the thorn;God’s in his Heaven—All’s right with the world!

  8. live Live life to the highest Never look back at the past Count on the future

  9. Second guess Life is never promised Don’t let none of the people in your life tell You that you cant do they are the people who want you to fell

  10. Get Out Of Bed Oh, Mom, don’t make me go today.I’m feeling worse than yesterday.You don’t know what I’m going through.I’ve got a strange, rare case of flu. My body aches, my throat is sore.I’m sure I’m knocking on death’s door.You can’t send me to school—achoo!— (sneeze)‘Cause everyone could get it, too. Besides the kids despise me there.They always tease, and always stareAnd all the teachers know my name.When something’s wrong, it’s me they blame .

  11. Family • When i came into this world • You welcomed me to it • When I was hurt • You healed me • When I cried • You cleaned my face • When I started school • U prepared me for everything • When I needed a shoulder to lye my head on • You gave me a soft pillow • I luv my family cause they were there 4 me no matter what

  12. How I had hurt my mother heart By: Asha akilah Staton The reason Asha loves my mother. Asha loves my mother because she’s the only one that cares for her. She’s the only one who loves Asha. Her mother thinks that Asha is her world, her everything that also the reason she loves my mother. She also loves her mother because when she cried her mother dried her face. When Asha came into this world, Veronica (her mother) welcomed her to this world. Her daughter Asha was the nicest, sweetest, wonderful girl. Then after a while Asha changed .She became a little devil, her grades drop, she stole. She started hanging out with the wrong people, she used profundity. After her mother noticed the change in ashas’ behavior. So she asked around to all of ashas’ friends to see if they noticed her new behavior. All of ashas’ friends said, “Yes we’ve noticed ashas’ new behavior”. They also said “we have even tried to change her back to her old ways; because we all miss the Asha that we fell in love with. Veronica and her daughter friends sat Asha down to talk about ashas’ new behavior. Asha didn’t have anything to say to the whole situation. Asha listened to what her friends and family had to say. She took it into consideration, and changed back to her old ways. Asha turned back to into the Asha that everyone had fell in love with. Everyone is happy including Asha with her nice and wonderful behavior.

  13. Here comes the black again big shadows covering all never is there any light left because this time I’m going to fall.Here comes the black rain again I’m drenched in my own sorrow falling hard, falling fast I wont make it until tomorrow.Here comes the black pain again these wounds will never heal they cant get a chance i never let them feel.Here comes the black blood again nobody but no one can dry my tears no one can erase what happened during these past few years. Here comes the black again its only my own spellis someone going to save me from this hole of hell nope not this time because this time i fell..

  14. N O O D L E S..Oh art thou noodles.You with your beef and you with your chicken.I love you when my fork is a' stickingcurly and yellow and sometimes spicyI only really like you when you are cooked nicely.You are my breakfast my lunch and dinnerI will eat you every season fall, summer, spring, and even winterCooked in water or out the pack hardThe only person who wouldn’t eat you is a retardThis is my othe to roman noodlesin a bowl or in a cupyou’ll be there through it all a crime , a murder , a bad break up.So I love you noodle you are my best friendnoodles oh noodles I’m gone to the store for a great weekend.

  15. She'd never seen the things that came to her in her dreamsLife was just downtrodden and a rough means to an endNothing could change, not a thing could bendFor there's no way out, when you don't have an inYou're long on miles but so short on the ground coveredYou feel like your life and love are undiscoveredA shell in the sand, with no helping handThere's nowhere to go when you don't have a planIf you decide to pick up where you left offThe next thing you'll do is come to a stopIt might be easy for most people to remember the last person that said helloBut in your mind you can't even make out a faint echoBurn on those thoughts, burn on those ideasBurn on forever, and ever and If that means nothing, then don't talk to yourselfMost ideas come to peopleWhen they think about themselves.

  16. Today was a good day Today was a good day I went to school Everything went my way Today was a good day I went outside to play I went to the pool Today was a good day

  17. Why do I love u Why do I love u You are my life I don’t have a clue Why do I love you No one love you like I do I want you to be my wife Why do I love you

  18. Why I can’t play • The sun is gone • The clouds are gray • That’s the reason I can’t play

  19. Summer day I walk out the house and I see the birds flying across the sky. Then I here the ocean very near by. The fish are swimming and all the creatures in the sea are too. Then I look up and the sky was blue. • .

  20. Cheer up Hey Mr. cheer up cant you see the sky is blue every body is having a great day and so should you Do not walk with a grey cloud over your head don’t be Bad and day and turn your face red Look up to the sun and see it shine and forget your past all of that’s left behind.

  21. Feel Gloomy & Happy I can see people having a good time why cant I .If feel so gloomy but I don’t know why. Maybe it’s because I didn’t get enough sleep I stayed up all night watching TV. and here comes the bright sun shining in my eye maybe that’s why. The sun wasn’t shining and I haven't had a good day and all of I sudden I felt the pain go away

  22. In the light I see a figure Beyond the figure I see an opening Inside the tunnel the light is fading Beneath me the floor is opening no where to go no where to hide Without the light I am blind I take one deadly step toward the figure Behind me the figure is still Near the tunnel opening I look out and see nothing On my back a hand I feel pushing me Keeping my balance I can’t any more Before I fall I reach for that hand During that time I see a familiar face The figure lets go of my hand Among all the things the figure says “Within the next few minutes you will fall, fall, and fall until you learn how to get back up.” The Unknown

  23. Summer Time Summer time nothing like it go to the beach your gonna like it Go to the pool act like a fool have some fun And grab your water gun

  24. I love dancing I love dancing, Dancing is mancing, It’s the best darn yancing ever

  25. I love Fruit I love fruit that grows on trees, best thing that I eat, many colors on skin we

  26. Mr.Goodbye that said Hello Mr. Goodbye said hello, He put on his coat, On his way to the doe, He got on the bus and didn’t look back,after the fact that he saw a hobo. When he got off the bus, He went to the stoe, Where he saw the hobo once moe, The hobo smiled and said once moe, Then Mr.Goodbye said hello.




  30. I can ’ t sing!!! When I was five years old I learned that I could not sing. My mother always told me that I had a talent. I thought singing was mines. So the years went on and I kept singing. People kept telling me that I couldn't sing. I entered in a talent show to show them that I really could sing. On November 2, 2007 is when I found out the real deal with my singing.

  31. Home Girl You Are Truly My Other Half Weather we’re chilling on the Home Front Or Hanging out at the mall your always by my side telling me what's right from wrong! You are like the sister I never had caring & sharing is what you do best !! I just wanted to let you know that you are what I call a True Friend!!!

  32. Missing You Like Crazy… • Everyday I wake up missing you like crazy • I didn’t won’t you to leave but you had to go • Now am sitting here thinking of all the good times we shared • Missing You Like Crazy • Missing You Like Crazy

  33. Daddy • I Want you home jail is not were you belong! • You had everything you ever needed right here at home!! • Now your gone and you left me all alone with no one to call Daddy!!! • Daddy Why Daddy




  37. HAKIU • Must add heat • For the taste to melt • Keep it rich • With a sweet smelling scent • Add my fruit pink or red • Tart to taste but sweet love • Take a bit and enjoy the juices that they

  38. Funny Bone • 10 parts of your body that’s ticklish if someone tickles your ear you jump “but what about you neck?” you laugh. if someone tickles my back I laugh, scream, and jump.

  39. Positive • Ocean waters • When I think about the ocean I think of colorful fish • Birds fly over the ripples and mix love with beauty. • The water completes to wonderful scene that carries' out the existence of life!!!!

  40. Positive Attitude. • The thing I can think of is that Fate used me meanly; but I looked at her and laughed,That none might know how bitter was the cup I quaffed.Along came Joy, and paused beside me where I sat,Saying, 'I came to see what you were laughing at.'but I really think that when I have fun days I really think that im enjoying my life in the future and now but really I love my life now.

  41. My Silly Ways In Life. • When I get really silly is when my sister does this really great dance called, “The Chicken Noodle Soup”. But really she is very silly I laugh at her all day everyday but I don’t know how to do it but she does and that’s how I get silly is when she gets silly.

  42. NOODLES Noodles, well what can I say They make me happy in so many ways I love oodles of noodles so much I would hate for them to fade away. If noodles didn’t exist, How would I feel Not so good imma be for real I love noodles with all my heart I would hate for us to be apart My favorite flavor is the beef Because it a nice tasty treat Noodles make my day go good Its hard for me to be understood.

  43. Being Nice Being nice is what I’m about Its hard for people to figure me out Im not mean I enjoy having fun I want new friends when the day is done

  44. The World The World The World Such a wonderful World The World Trees blown by the wind Grass wet from the rain The World The World Boring at times but full of mines BY: Ramon Houser

  45. A World with no peace Just have to put that on a leash Have it under control But its everywhere you go Once you know who’s the cause You have to tell them put it to a pause. A world with no peace Sometimes I wish those people were deceased If they were, there would be peace And my life would be much happier Everyone stares and the red glares of my face All the pain on the rainy days Trying to live my life like its golden But, inside I still holding to my spirit My spirit that tells me to move on Even though I keep Holden back

  46. My haiku Leaves fall from the trees As the grass is green The sky the sky I wonder why Why leaves fall from trees high in the sky.

  47. Positive poems Life is 4 letter word that could destroy the world. Its bad to be in a hole with a mole. Than to fly in the sky birds. Life is more than killing, drugs, thugs, gangs, bangs, guns. You better run when the feds come. People that you think your friend would even give your life than to be in the pen.

  48. On that warm day On that warm day…the breeze blows gentle on my face. On that warm day…I feel so relaxed. On that warm day….the trees sway almost as if they are dancing. Moving as 1. Smiles and laughter is what I see. I wish it was like this all the time….ahhh that On that warm day.

  49. Haiku A day without bre Is a day without you to Now here is my Haiku I'm saying to you And this is the of my Haiku

  50. Haiku A day without bre Is a day without you to Now here is my Haiku I'm saying to you And this is the of my Haiku