gangs and youth n.
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Gangs and youth

Gangs and youth

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Gangs and youth

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  1. Gangs and youth Lila Holst and Lacey Corlew

  2. A youth gang is a group of people who get together on a regular basis to carry out violent, illegal or anti-social activities.These activities can include: intimidation, assault, vandalism, burglary and even murder. Gang members generally tend to be male teenagers, but they can also be female and even as young as 7 years old.

  3. signs that may indicate a Student may be involved with a gang: * The student begins hanging out with a new group of friends.* There's a marked change in the student's habits or personality. * You find evidence of or suspect drug or alcohol abuse. * The student frequently shows signs of being bruised or injured. * You observe the student using unusual hand signs, nicknames or street language. * The student is carrying guns, knives or other weapons.

  4. More signs that a student might be involved with a gang: *You observe strange symbols or graffiti on notebooks and folders.* The student withdraws from family members or friends.* Grades fall and/or incidents requiring discipline become more frequent.* The student dresses in the same color clothing every day or wears tattoos, unusual jewelry, hairstyles, or clothing that could identify a particular gang.

  5. Gang Facts:*At lease 400,000 youths are currently in gangs nationwide. * Violent street gangs are active in 94 percent of all medium and large sized cities in America. * Many of these cities have up to 40 different gangs.

  6. Profile of a Typical Gang Member:Every group is affected. Gang involvement crosses all socio-economic backgrounds and boundaries regardless of age, sex, race, economic status and academic achievement.

  7. This gang member and father hopes that his son follows in his footsteps…

  8. GANG ACTIVITY AT SCHOOL Teachers should:* Be aware of what information is relevant to gang activities.* Document and report gang related activities to the proper authorities.

  9. * Develop and enforce a clear, no tolerance policy regarding gangs, drugs, weapons and graffiti.* Always deal with an individual student privately. Dealing with them in front of their peers validates "gang affiliation or membership” which is what they want.* Look for, document and report warning signs.

  10. Gang Facts

  11. ConclusionTips for Educators:-Be a good role model that students can depend on.-Take genuine interest in your student’s lives.-Maintain good communication with student’s family.-Provide resources for before/after school. -Encourage students as often as possible.You can make a difference.

  12. A LETTER FROM A 17 YEAR OLD ON THE WAY TO PRISON What’s up to all those out there in the real and free! I’m 17 years old and I’m an ex-gang member on my way to state prison. The reason I’m writtin’ this letter is to answer a couple of questions that’s been asked from the youngstas on the streetz… Let me say this to all those smart pretty young ladies and soldiers. Banginain’t all it seems or looks. Bangin is for real; it ain’t no game. Folks is gettin laid down to dis so-called bangin life. Dudes is getting locked up for life behind bars for this gang-bangin. Now if you don’t think losin your life can’t change your life, then there’s really somethin wrong, and bangin can’t even help you know. The way I put it, bangin is a blindfold over your eyes - cause you know how you can’t see when you got one over your eyes? Well, that’s how bangin is. You can’t see nothing outside the gang, hood, or block. Hope you get that. So, to all those homegirls and homies thinking the life of bangin is the life for them, let me tell you that the life of bangin is for no one. And if you think so, think again. I mean, don’t get me wrong or nothing cause I’m not a preacher or anything like that, but I am a young brothawillin to help someone that’s bout to make the biggest mistake of your life. D.J. California

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