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  1. Gangs By: Ashley Brandon

  2. Gang Violence?

  3. Gang Member’s Almost Causing Death

  4. Little Kids Affiliated With Gangs What Do You Think?

  5. Rates Of Gangs & Non Affiliated People

  6. Ages In Mean:

  7. What is a Gang? • is a group of people who, through the organization, formation, and establishment of an assemblage, share a common identity. • In current usage it typically denotes a criminal organization or else a criminal affiliation.

  8. What Gang Members think of the most: • Most gang members are children because they think since there under the age they can’t go to jail, But yet they can be sent off. • Most graffiti is a mark of territorial boundaries to a gang. It serves to a warning to gangs that may arrive. • Most kids start in a gang around the age of 10 and its caused by not having the attention love and care in there home that they should be having.

  9. Risk Factors: • Involvement in delinquency • -Violence • -alcohol/drug use • Poor family management • The parents and child's relationship • A small interest in school and achievement • Associating with people who are aggressive and engaged in delinquency

  10. Facts You need to no: • To become a member of the gang you usually half to pass an initiation. This often consists of violent acts like fighting, drive-by shootings, gang rape and murder. • Gang involvement could put you at risk of getting hurt badly, getting killed or being arrested. • Gang members usually get kicked out of school or drop out. • Most gang members carry weapons such as (guns, knives and ect) • Last gangs have been shown to be the main leading points in the growth in violent crimes, on and off school property.

  11. Some Of the Most Dangerous Gangs are: • Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13) The bloods is one of the well known gangs most people here about as well as the cripz • Bloods When a man wants into a gang they ether half to get beat up for bout 5 mins. Or gets cut an have a certain amount of stitches.

  12. Mexican Mafia (La eMe) Girls on the other hand they don’t want to be up so they half to be “sexed” in. • Crips • Aryan Brotherhood (AB, The Brand)

  13. Gangs exist in 3,300 cities across the US, and there are more than 731,500 gang members in 21,500 different gangs in the US. • Statistics say that rather than solving the gang problem, the united states may have only spread it. • Cyberspace is giving an outlet for activities that could cause violence if attempted on the street like disrespecting rival gangs, or disclosing gangs secrets. • Gang’s show off there internet savvy by uploading and posting complex websites, history icons of individual gangs, including documents prayers and photos.

  14. Ways To no something's going wrong with someone: • Aggressively in school towards teachers and students • Wears colored scarves underneath there clothing • Disappearing after classes were over/ditching all together • Bad attitude • Some girls start dressing like a boy and hide all signs of there femininity

  15. Girls/Woman are used usually as a driver for the gang members, in the get away car. • They are the carriers of the drugs. • In a study people did, head trauma fatalities accounted for 50% of trauma deaths. • 35% of those were deaths caused by gunshot wounds.

  16. Gang related incidents: • Suicides • Accidental • Robbery • Drugs related things • Assaults and homicides • Shootings • fights

  17. 785,000 active street gang members, according to the National Youth Gang Center • About 900,000 gang members lived within local communities across the country. • About 147,000 were in U.S. prisons or jails in 2009. • Many poor orphans in London survived by joining pick pocketing gangs ran by adult criminals. • At the beginning of the 19th century, child criminals in Britain were punished in the same way as adults. They were sent to adult prisons.

  18. Why people form gangs: • Kids status • Acceptance • Self-esteem they haven't found elsewhere. • In poorer communities, a breakdown of family and community structures may leave kids more to gang recruitment. • Gangs can also form in affluent areas among kids who feel alienated from friends and families.

  19. Fight Against Gang Activity: • Anything related to gang membership should be banned: • Weapons, • Violence • Illegal activity • Identified clothing • Insignia gestures • Staff can expect to be tested constantly by the subtle and changing forms of gang symbols.

  20. Schools & Community Fight Against it: • You need to know what's happening in the community. • In Chicago, the school board receives monthly reports on student assaults from each school to give them an overview of citywide trends. • Also in Chicago the police have trained 6,000 teachers to identify gang behavior. • They can also train school staff to handle armed or violent youths. • In many communities, schools have joined law enforcement, judicial, and civil authorities to create coordinated anti-gang programs.

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