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The Mystery of Heroism by Stephen Crane PowerPoint Presentation
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The Mystery of Heroism by Stephen Crane

The Mystery of Heroism by Stephen Crane

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The Mystery of Heroism by Stephen Crane

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    1. The Mystery of Heroism by Stephen Crane

    7. The Concept of Irony Dramatic Irony Something is known by the audience but unknown to the characters Verbal Irony A statement is made that implies its opposite Irony of Situation An event occurs that violates the expectations of the characters, the reader, or the audience

    17. Emergence of Realism Drew portraits from real-life Shocked readers with grim depictions A realistic use of dialects and local color Use of satire or irony often present Breakdown of traditional values Misery of the poor or urban America

    18. Emergence of Naturalism An extension of Realism Peoples actions and beliefs did not result from free will Arbitrary outside forces of heredity and environment Human behavior based on instinct Humans as pawns manipulated by cruel indifferent forces

    19. Quiz Clues How is the philosophy of Realism exhibited in the story? Does the story exhibit the traits of Naturalism within its characters? Does heroism exist in this story? How does the setting affect the telling of the story? How does irony exist in this story?

    20. Quiz Clues Be able to identify uses of figurative language What is the mood of the story? Who is responsible for the protagonists actions?

    21. Vocabulary Battery Blanched Conflagration Convulsive Furtive Genial Gesticulating Imprecation incessant Indolent Ominous Pious Provisional Stolidity sullen