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Trail of Tears

Trail of Tears

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Trail of Tears

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  1. Trail of Tears

    8th Grade
  2. Observations What do you see? Be specific. Who is in the picture? What are they doing? Describe expressions on their faces. What do they seem to be feeling? Besides the Cherokee, who else do you see in the picture? Why do you think they are in the picture? Based on what you see and know, why is this called the Trail of Tears?
  3. Enter: Andrew Jackson Born 3.15.1767 along the NC/SC border Orphaned at a young age Fought with the NC “Irregulars” during the revolution (Veteran by the age of 15!) Quick political rise: First TN Congressman TN Senator Judge of TN Supreme Court Later President
  4. America in the 1820s By the 1820s, US population had grown to around 9,600,000, of which 1,5oo,ooo were slaves in the South. The advent of the cotton gin made agriculture, slavery, and land the basis of the Southern economy By 1820, cotton accounted for 39% of all American exports
  5. Jackson: Indian Fighter Jackson won fame leading militia against Creek Indians at Horseshoe Bend, 1813 Used Cherokee fighters to defeat the “Red Sticks” Earned nickname: “Sharpknife” Negotiated treaties with tribes for land in GA, AL, MS, and TN. (A LOT of personal gain!)
  6. The Jackson Presidency Nullification South resisted taxes that benefitted the North Threatened to secede (break away) Jackson threatened to take troops into SC Before war, Jackson negotiated “lower tariffs” War was avoided (for now) Cartoon showing the manufacturing North getting fat at Southern expense.
  7. Indian Removal: The Trail of Tears Jackson support Jefferson’s “small farmer” ideal Needed land to settle new generations of whites. Forced tribes to “submit to State Law”, or move West of Mississippi River Thousands died when the Cherokee were forced to march to OK
  8. Manifest Destiny Many Americans believed that their country should expand, or grow larger, toward the west.