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Unit 3 PowerPoint Presentation

Unit 3

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Unit 3

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  1. Unit 3 Finding your way Period 10 Checkout

  2. 1 There are many things _______ (do_) in the new town. 2 . The teachers each _________ (have ) a computer now. 3 The police ____ (look) for a lost child these days. 4 That pair of trousers ______ (cost) 150 yuan . It isn’t expensive. 5 ._______ there anything interesting in today’s newspaper? 6 .His uncle ________ (be) back next week. to do have are looking costs Is will be

  3. 7 The team is very strong., so I think they ___________________ (win)the football match. 8 .We hope all of you ___________ (enjoy) yourselves at the party. 9 .What a funny picture! Eddie ___________ (walk) round the table. 10 Justin! Why not ________ (use) your computer __________ (find) more information? 11 Mrs Chen says that she __________ (arrive) at our school soon. 12 There ________________ (be) two football matches next week , aren’t there? are going to win will enjoy is walking use to find will arrive are going to be

  4. walking 13 ________ the Browns ____________(walk) across the field at the moment? 14 .Stop ___________(laugh). They ____________ (have) a meeting. 15 Look! The man in blue jeans __________ (run) out of the tall building. 16 .Look at the cloud! It _____________ (rain) 17 .When ________ you ___________ (visit) the exchange students? Next Saturday. 18 .Is Mrs. Zhang at home? I’m afraid she ____________ (shop) in the supermarket. Are laughing are having is running is going to rain will visit is shopping

  5. 19 . How long does it take them ____________ (move) away all the bags here? 20 .My grandmother tells me ___________ ( not cross) the road when the traffic lights are red. 21 _________ (ask) them to stop _________ (talk) . My father __________ (sleep) 22 . He uses his hands ___________ (make) the toy train _________ (move) forward. 23 .There _________ (be) lots of work _________ (do) on the farm. 24 . I hope you ______ (pass) the English exam. to move not to cross ask talking is sleeping to make move is to do will pass

  6. leave 1等到雨停再离开.Don’t ___________ __________ it___________ ___________. 2.他正在期盼收到来自美国的明信片. He__________________________________________________________________ the USA. 3. 这本书告诉你如何种花. Thisbooktellsyou_________________________ 4.我们希望每个人能自己带来食物和饮料. We wouldlikeeverybody___________________ and drink. until raining stops is looking forward to getting the postcards from how to grow flowers to bring their own food

  7. 5.绝大部分学生在烧烤。_______________________________________5.绝大部分学生在烧烤。_______________________________________ 6.我们班里一半左右的学生来自当地的镇上. About_________________________________ from___________________ 7. 7年级7班的班长在准备为来自英国的交换留学生举行一个告别会. The _________ ________ Class7, Grade7________________________________ 8.明天是多云天气,但我们打算去公园野餐. It_______ ________ __________ tomorrow, but we’re_____________________in the park. Most of the students are having a barbecue. half of the students come / are the local town from monitor is preparing to have a farewell party for the English exchange students . cloudy will be going to have a picnic

  8. 学习目标: • 学会并掌握本单元教授的语法和词汇。 • 巩固方位及行走路线的表达方法。 • 复习并掌握下列词汇和句型: footbridge stair push surprised suddenly station uniform robber swim across the pool climb up the hill walk along the road walk down the steps to Can you tell me the way to…? Shall we take different routes? Will you join us? We are going to win the game. I don’t want to carry it all day.

  9. turn right turn left traffic lights push uniform van

  10. route Police station

  11. Books open and do part B. • Look at the pictures and complete the words.

  12. The man is swimming _______ the pool. across

  13. Miss Wang is walking _______ the stairs. down

  14. The train is going_______the tunnel. through

  15. They are walking____ the bus. to

  16. The man is walking ______ the road. along

  17. up The worker is climbing ____ the ladder.

  18. over The woman is jumping_____the stick.

  19. Do some exercises: through up over 1.The train is going ________ the tunnel. 2. The cat is climbing _______ the tree. 3.Tom likes jumping _______ the chair. 4.The students are running________ the playground in the P.E.class. 5. Mike walks______ school every day. 6. If the traffic light is red. You can’t walk________ the road. 7.My cousin often takes his pet a walk_______ the street. 8. Please put_______ the vase(花瓶), or you may break it. 9. The robber pushed him______ a van. 10.Don’t look _____ of the window. around to across along down into out

  20. Books open! • Look、write and read.

  21. Discussion Give directions(指路) left Turn ____ when you come to crossroads. Cross _____the road along Walk ______ this road. The entrance is in _____ of you. front

  22. traight rossing ross 1. Walk s_______ on and you’ll find the hospital on your left. 2. Turn right at the zebra c_______. 3. C______ the road and you’ll see the museum. 4. There are many foreigners in LiMing H_____. 5. Read the passage and find the c______ answer. 6. I’ll meet you at the e________ of the cinema. 7. An old woman is standing at the c_______of the street. 8. My family are looking f_______to going to Beijing . 9. Neil is writing a p_______ to his friend. otel orrect ntrance orner orward ostcard

  23. 课堂小结: • To revise the prepositions of movement; • To revise the simple future tense; • To learn some language points: Can you tell me how to get to the shopping mall? I’m going to buy some cards. I will send some of them to my parents. Walk over the footbridge. Turn left at the corner and go straight on.

  24. Homework • Recite the key words and phrases ; • Remember the important sentences; • Finish off your exercise books; • Write an invitation letter.

  25. Thank you! Bye-Bye!