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Grammar Review

Grammar Review

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Grammar Review

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  1. Grammar Review There is s copy of this PPT on the homework website which you can download or print for review purposes.

  2. Tricky Words WrongRight • Should of Shouldhave • Alot a lot (2 words) • Off of off (don’t use with of)

  3. Prepositions • In grammar, they are words that show relationships (such as time, direction and place) between its object and some other word in the sentence. • Examples: • John arrived before dinner. • We arrived at their home. • We arrived in Halifax last night.

  4. More Tricky words! • Past: (Gone, ended, time before, beyond, after…) • That happened in the past. (Preposition) • She walked past the new stores. (Prep.) • We study our country’s past. (noun) • It is half past three in the afternoon. (Prep.) • She had a mysterious past. (Noun) • Had is the past tense of have. (Adjective) • The arrow went past its mark. (Prep.)

  5. Pass (Verb: Go by, moved past, hand around, go across or over, take place, complete a course, enact, give up a chance, express, take place…) • We passed the mall. • She passed him in the race. • The pictures were passed around. • The army passed through the forest.

  6. We all passed the test! • The bill was passed in Parliament. • They passed on the chance to attend the show. • I hate to pass judgement. • He told the principal all that had passed between him and the other student.

  7. Than (comparisons) • Todd is a better basketball player than I am. • Then (Time) • Yesterday we ate lunch, and then we went to the mall. • Seen (Always has a verb in front!!!) • We have seen… She was seen… We have never seen… • Saw (Goes right after the noun or pronoun.) I saw… he saw… they saw…

  8. Grammatical Errors: • 11. What do you want the answers for? Correct: For what reason do you want the answers? 12. Who are the presents for? Correct: For whom are the presents? • When does your project have to be done by? Correct: By what date is your project due?

  9. Time to see what you remember! You’ll need a piece of paper and a pen or pencil.

  10. For this first set of exercises, just write thecorrect words on your sheet of paper. There are ten sentences.

  11. 1. They passed/past there/their tests. • 2. I should of/have gone to class. • 3. That is a bigger problem then/than I thought. • 4. The boys are playing a lot/a lot of games. • 5. Don’t jump off of/off the neighbours’/neighbours’ front porch.

  12. 6. You should of/have come with us! • 7. I have seen/saw her before. • 8. The car lost it’s/its muffler. • 9. We’re/Were you going to the dance with a friend? • 10. We’re/Were going to the mall and then/than the restaurant.

  13. Grammatical Errors and Fixes Who is he sitting by? Correct: By whom is he sitting? Where are you going to? Correct: Where are you going?

  14. Where did you put the magazine at? Correct: Where did you put the magazine? What did you put my books with when you tidied the room? Correct: With what did you put my books when you tidied the room?

  15. Grammatical Errors Who are you sitting with? Correct: With whom are you sitting? I am tired cause I didn’t sleep well last night. Correct: I am tired because I didn’t sleep well last night. Never use the following in formal writing: gonna, sorta, kinda, wanna, ain’t, lol, imo…(You get the idea!)

  16. That is for him and I.Correct: That is for him and me. Why: That is for him. That is for me. That is for him and me.

  17. She plays hockey really good!Correct: She plays hockey really well!She is a good hockey player.