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Grammar Review PowerPoint Presentation
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Grammar Review

Grammar Review

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Grammar Review

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  1. Grammar Review Take out a sheet of notebook paper and title it Grammar Review 2/18/14. Provide the formula(s) for each sentence type, and then provide a sentence for each one. 1. Simple 2. Compound 3. Complex

  2. Grammar Review Instructions: On the samewarm-up sheet, identify each sentence as simple (S), compound (CD), or complex (CX). 1. Bob, Edgar, and Lila ate hoagies and chips. 2. The house was warm, but the storm howled. 3. Because of the rain, we stayed inside. 4. Bob and Lila cooked; Edgar built a fire. 5. They enjoyed camping although it was cold.

  3. Review Write each question and answer in your notes. 1. Which type of sentence uses FANBOYS conjunctions? 2. Which type of sentence uses AAWWUBBIS conjunctions?

  4. Goals for This Week Prepare for trimester final assessments Target and review most missed concepts Finish Trimester 2 Book Report Strengthen all areas of writing process pre-writing drafting revisions practice hand-writing!

  5. Goal #1: Review Most Missed Concepts What is the most common type of error in our writing? COMMA ERRORS

  6. Commas Some rules are easy!

  7.  A comma is used to separate the 
city and state in an address. Poughkeepsie, New York , Boston Massachusetts , Hollywood California , Houston Texas ,

  8.  A comma is used to separate the 
day and the year of a date. February 14, 2013 , July 4 1776 , September 13 1938 ,

  9.  The serial comma is used when 
listing items in a series. I saw a dog, cat, turtle, and lizard. , , , He likes pizza hot dogs burgers and tacos. ,

  10.  A comma is used after the words 
"Yes", "No", and "Oh" when they are the first words in a sentence. No, I do not like peanuts. , Yes he can do a back flip. , Oh that looks exciting. ,

  11. Commas introduce. Commas separate introductory phrases 
from the rest of the sentence. Yes you may use my pencil.  Well I think you should apologize.  In the evening sunlight faded in the western sky.  After the show is over we will go out to eat.  In the valley at the base of the hill a herd of buffalo is grazing.  On the morning when Kenan discovered her mother's letter the  rain poured in gray sheets for hours.

  12. Commas are placed on both sides of phrases that add information to a sentence (e.g., transitions, appositives) , , Miss Brown my favorite teacher just won an award. appositive The captain of the team Bob Smith accepted the trophy. , , Clark on the other hand prefers to see live music. , , My favorite restaurant Queen Anne's Crumpets has an excellent bargain. , , ,

  13. Use a comma(s) to separate any word or phrase from the rest of the sentence that is not essential to the sentence's meaning. This phrase usually provides extra information about the subject. Here are some examples of sentences with words/phrases that are not essential to the sentence’s meaning: 1) My brother, a 26 year old male, is watching TV. 2) Amy Rivers, my best friend, is going to the mall today. 3) I am ready for my dad, a hard working guy, to come home from Italy. Example: My mother a major health nut does not like chocolate. My mother, a major health nut, does not like chocolate.

  14. Commas help set off interruptions. Commas separate an expression that 
interrupts the rest of a sentence. Star Wars my favorite movie is actually set in the past.  My favorite TV show Myth Busters is on every 
 afternoon.  Fred's baseball team who won the world series last year is 
 playing against the Panthers tonight.  The Kanapaha Gardens Art Festival held every year in the 
 spring features artists from around Alachua county.  This book is about geology the study of the earth and its 


  15. Remember the FORMULAS for SIMPLE, COMPOUND, and COMPLEX sentences! SIMPLE IC. IC, FANBOY IC. IC;IC. COMPOUND The structures for COMPLEX are: DC, IC. IC DC.

  16.  A comma is used to separate 
two main clauses that are combined with a conjunction. I like chocolate, but he does not. , Bob goes to school but his sister stays home. , Frogs have smooth skin and toads have 
bumpy skin. ,

  17. Commas join complete sentences when they are 
connected by a conjunction (FANBOYS). F or A nd N or B ut O r Y et S o FANBOYS go with COMPOUND sentences!

  18. BE CAREFUL - There has to be a subject on either side of the conjunction! (a subject tells who or what is doing the action.)  Pam swims often and jogs daily. - not a compound sentence Pam swims often and she jogs daily. - compound sentence If there is a subject on either side of the conjunction, you use a 
comma. You better 
watch it!

  19. Some of these are correct the way they are! It all 
depends on where the subjects are. Tim will bring the potato salad and Sarah will bring the juice. We ran the relay races first and then ate lunch. Congress passed the bill but the President vetoed it. I went to bed early for I had a big day ahead of me. Fred loves to eat yet hates meat. Maria reads books but she sees no movies. Can ya dig it?

  20.  A comma is used after an introductory subordinate clause. Even though I like ice cream, I am too full for dessert. , When it began to rain we all ran for shelter. , Although I did my homework I left it at home. ,

  21. Some subordinate conjunctions that begin dependent clauses are AAAWWUUBBIS: After Although As Whenever While When Unless Until Because Before If Since Other notables?

  22. Remember this? Write a complex sentence about the photo that begins with the word, before. Then, rewrite the sentence so that no comma is required.

  23. Commas Uses in Dialogue Use a comma to introduce a quotation in a sentence. Example: The general looked at his soldiers and yelled,"Attention!" Use commas to end and introduce interrupted quotes. Example: “We need to buy more sugar,” she said, “before it runs out!” Use commas at the end of dialogue when there is additional text that follows. Example: "Hand me that pen, please," Jane said.

  24. Work Time: Copy and paste your summary into a Word document. Save it as: Last Name Summary Revisions Highlight all simple sentences yellow, all compound sentences pink, and all complex sentence blue. REVISE: vary your sentences so you have a mix combine similar simple sentences add complex sentences check compound sentence punctuation correct comma errors

  25. Planning Ahead Activity 1. Access my web page and download the Trimester 2 Writing Final Rubric. 2. Save this to your English folder, and add your last name to the file name. 3. First, skim the entire document to determine how the final is graded. 4. Next, begin to read each section of the rubric and highlight the areas in which you need to study the most.