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  1. Zimbabwe

  2. Zimbabwe

  3. Hey all, if you didn’t know why I’m gone it’s because I’m all the way over here in Zimbabwe! I’m not here on vacation I’m here because I have a project at school that I have to study a country in Africa, I picked Zimbabwe because I’m part Zimbabwean and I’ve never been there. Savannas and woodlands cover most of the area. Rocky areas also play a part in it’s land but not that much. So I guess it is pretty cool, if I have any extra time I’ll ask if I’m allowed to climb them! My friends all went to countries right next to it, South Africa to the south, Zambia to the North, Mozambique to the east and Botswana to to the west. It is pretty hot over here, I hear in the summer it can get to 100°+! Today it is 80 but feels like 95! I wish I came in the winter, it is like 50’ds in the winter. Or at least that’s what I hear from the villagers. I’m so glad that they speak English here, but some people speak a tribal language they’ve made which is pretty old.

  4. Zimbabwe

  5. Hey guys, I’m back talking to you. How are You back in the U.S.? Well anyway Culture is really fascinating. Their religion is Catholic predominate! Its really cool too that they speak English. But they also have a tribal language that is called Ndebele. There is a picture on the front of this postcard of some of the Ndebele people. Because of the British, they can speak English. Some of their favorite food are Sadza, and a powder That is called Mealie powder. They have an Instrument that is called the Mbria. Zimbabwe has a famous sport in Africa called cricket. You know that if the place that the people live in, can change the way they live and/or dress. But in this case, Zimbabwe doesn’t have an affect for their dress.

  6. Zimbabwe

  7. Hey, I’m back again!!! So I’ve been studying Zimbabwe’s economy. They have some really cool exports. For example: Beef, cotton, or sugar. But they also export tobacco. It is cool because they have better natural resources than their exports. They have gold and coal as some of their natural resources. But sadly, the agriculture output has dropped. I’m no sure why but I do know that the job rate is low because of it. Lately there has been droughts, and as a farmer I would depend highly on the weather, the droughts are making most of the plants die. Most people wouldn’t eat rotten food. I’m going to buy some rotten food as a donation and to get the food out of there hands. I feel so bad seeing farmers on the street, wishing they had a better life like they used too. But I’m hoping droughts will stop so Zimbabwe can be as successful as usual.

  8. Zimbabwe

  9. Hey. Today I’m not that excited. That’s because I’ve just heard that Zimbabwe had a dictator. I believe that a picture of the dictator is on the postcard. But now they have something that is better. They now have a voting system that is: you have to be 18. They also Parliamentary Democratic System. When you/they vote, you vote for two vice presidents and one president that serves for six years. Also, Zimbabwe had gained independence from Great Britain. They gained it in 1979. But, Great Britain had ruled Zimbabwe an indirect way. Zimbabwe and Great Britain had a war, but then they had a peace-treaty. Also, when Robert Mugabe ( the dictator) took over, he rigged elections to win again. And 2000, he made the black people take the white people’s farms, there by making all the white people leave the country.

  10. Zimbabwe

  11. Hey, guys. How are all you? I’m kind of scarred, I heard about all the diseases in Zimbabwe. I found out about these diseases in a health class I took over here, I went because not many people here are educated about this kind of stuff. So I thought it would be a once in a life offer. You guys should look for a health class in Illinois. Because I found out that here in Zimbabwe we have Malaria, Cholera, and Bibarzia, and to top it off we are one of the highest rated countries with AIDS/HIV. I hope I come home without any of those. But not everyone here is with a disease, there is still bunch of people without any diseases. But even so I’m scared I might get something.

  12. Hey guys, it’s my last time in Zimbabwe, it’s been so fun here!!! BYE ZIMBABWE!!! Bye, Zimbabwe