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  1. Zimbabwe By Kashyla Davis Period 5 Mr.Reggio

  2. Map of Zimbabwe

  3. Charts & Graphs

  4. Human & Physical Features Zimbabwe has a small population of 13,120,000 compared to the U.S. which has 299,846,000. People in the united states tend to live 78.2 years, but in Zimbabwe people are usually only expected to live until they’re 43 years old, thats young! 92% of people in Zimbabwe can read and write, but only 86% of people can read and write in the U.S. , wow! There is a huge difference between passenger cars; in Zimbabwe there are only 44 per 1,000 population. In America there are 789. In conclusion the United States has a big lead over Zimbabwe when it comes to human physical features.

  5. Flag To begin with, did you know the Zimbabwe flag originated in Ethiopia? Also, the pan-african colors are used by many african ex-colonies, and stand for african independence and unity. As a rule, anyone who burns or disrespects the flag shall be guilty as an offence and a liable fine. Aside from that, there are many meanings of the Zimbabwe flag. For instance, the red stripes represent the blood shed for Zimbabwe’s independence. The yellow represents the country’s mineral wealth. In conclusion, now you know about Zimbabwe’s flag history, and some interesting flag facts.

  6. Government • The conventional long for is The Republic of Zimbabwe • The independence day is April 18 • National anthem-Kalibusiswe Le Zimbabwe • Capital Harare • Elections were last held in July 2013 • Next election in 2018 • 7 hours ahead of Washington D.C (during standard time)

  7. Religion For the most part, Zimbabwe is Syncretic, but there are other religions followed like Islam and Christianity but others have indigenous beliefs. In General, there are 1.3 billion Muslims Worldwide. They only have one God named Allah. sometimes in a Muslims life they have take a Haj to Mecca. In the Islamic culture, you would read from the Qur’an (scripture). In conclusion, people in Zimbabwe practice many religions.

  8. Timeline November-2003-Canna Banana Zimbabwe’s first black president at age 67 December-2003-Zimbabwe pulls out of Commonwealth organization decides to extend suspension of country March-2004-Simon Mann is sentenced to 7 years in Prison attempting to buy guns January-2005-The U.s labels zimbabwe as one of the worlds six outpost of tyranny February-2007-rallies demonstrates banned for 3 months

  9. Animals, Plants & Natural Resources There are many different animals, plants and natural resources in Zimbabwe. In addition the Msasa tree is the most popular tree in Zimbabwe. Also, Its available in nearly 5 different regions. On the other hand, a natural resource that is found in Zimbabwe is Chromium. Chromium is the first element in group 6. Chromium has a very high melting point. Lithium is also found in this part of the world. Lithium is used for many illnesses like bipolar disorder and depression. Zimbabwe’s amount of animals plants and natural resources is incredible.

  10. Glossary WORD-SYNONYM-DEFINITION Arable-farmland-capable of producing crops Climate-weather-the composite weather conditions of a region Currency-money- something that is used as a medium of exchange; money Electricity-Power-the science dealing with electric charge and currents Hazard-risk-an unavoidable danger or risk

  11. The Great Zimbabwe

  12. Photo Gallery