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North America

North America. Important Terms. Topography : physical features of an area Megalopolis : very large city Urbanization : movement into & building up of cities. Theme 1: Location. North and West Hemispheres. Washington. New York. ---New Jersey. Illinois. Rocky Mountains. California.

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North America

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  1. North America

  2. Important Terms • Topography: physical features of an area • Megalopolis: very large city • Urbanization: movement into & building up of cities

  3. Theme 1: Location • North and West Hemispheres

  4. Washington New York ---New Jersey Illinois Rocky Mountains California Kansas North Carolina Louisiana Gulf of Mexico

  5. Theme 3: Human/Environment Interaction • Global warming • Consumption of fossil fuels • Carbon dioxide • Deforestation • Pollution • Air, water, garbage

  6. Theme 4: Movement • US • Goods: Food, Oil • Services: Technology • Ideas: Strong Work Ethic, Educated Work Force

  7. Theme 5: Region • USA: Divided into 4 Regions • Northeast • South • Midwest • West

  8. Regions of the USA Mini-Project • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZMyJ8o7ERHc • You are a publicist for your Region. It is your job to create a poster advertisement to get people to come visit your part of the country. • Due TUESDAY at the start of class

  9. What is the estimated population of North America? • 500,000 • 5,000,000 • 50,000,000 • 500,000,000

  10. What is the highest point? • Sierra Madre • Mt. McKinley, Alaska • Death Valley, CA • Bataquest, Mexico

  11. What is the name of the native Americans that make up some of Canada’s population? • Inuit • Navajo • Comanche • Miami

  12. What body of water changes the weather on the west coast? • Hudson Bay • Atlantic Ocean • Pacific Ocean • Gulf of Mexico

  13. What is one of the major challenges regarding land use? • Population control • Growing resources • Pollution control • tourism

  14. Northeast • Megalopolis • Atlas page 77

  15. South • Appalachia • One of the poorest places in US • Why? • Rocky soil • Steep slopes from the Appalachian Mountains • Little industry and businesses in the area

  16. Midwest • Farms and . . . • more farms! • Great Lakes One of these things is not like the other

  17. WEST • Coastal density • Population density p 79

  18. Yukon Nunavut Northwest Territories British Columbia Manitoba Quebec Ontario

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