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WLE Box Top Blast-off! (around the world in 25 box tops). NAME: __________________________ TEACHER: ____________ Grade: ______. 13. Siberian tigers and Siberian huskies live here. Russia is a BIG place, isn’t it?!. 2. The Great Wall of China is visible from outer space!.

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North America

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  1. WLE Box Top Blast-off!(around the world in 25 box tops) NAME: __________________________ TEACHER: ____________ Grade: ______ 13 Siberian tigers and Siberian huskies live here. Russia is a BIG place, isn’t it?! 2 The Great Wall of China is visible from outer space! Watchout for icebergs.Rememberthe Titanic! 1 Start Here! William Lehman Elem. School Russia is less than 200 miles from Nome, Alaska! 10 11 12 14 3 Japan or Korea – which is an island and which is a peninsula? I see London, I see France… Bermuda Triangle – WATCH OUT! 9 There’s no place like home 25 15 Read or watch for news on the Middle East! 4 The country of Indonesia is made up of over 17,000 islands Piratesof theCaribbeanlurk here … “Ahoy mate”“Arrrrrgh” 8 Roaarrrrhhhh! 16 7 The Great Coral Reef – beautiful fish and BIG sharks! 6 Hola! ¿Habla Español? Isn’t this place Amazon, I mean amazing? 5 Has anyone seen aLittle Mermaidaround here? Can you name all 7 continents? 17 21 This Hornof Africa is NOT on a rhinoceros! 24 G’Day mate- watch out for the ‘roos and dingos! It can be minus 80 below zero here. 23 20 22 Antarctica isthe coldest,windiest, & highest continent on earth. Cape Horn is also called the “End of the World!” 19 Is there really a pole at the South Pole? North America Europe Asia Africa South America Australia Did you know that December is summertime below the equator? 18 Instructions:1. Tape or staple a “Box Top for Education” in each square.2. When you have made it around the world with Box Tops, bring to school.3. Enter as often as you wish for fun prizes! Antartica

  2. William Lehman ElementaryBox Top Blast-off!(around the world in 25 box tops) • Dear Parents, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Neighbors and Friends: • William Lehman Elementary School is collecting “Box Tops for Education” as an important fundraiser for our school. The school receives $0.10 for each box top. These box tops can be found on most General Mills products, including Big “G,” Pillsbury, Betty Crocker, Green Giant, Yoplait, Progresso, Old El Paso, Pop Secret, Lloyds, and many others. They are pink with a yellow pencil and look like the logo above. • In order to make this effort fun and educational for the kids, we are having an exciting contest called Box Top Blast Off! Attached to this letter you will find several entry forms (including the back of this page) – please ask your relatives, neighbors and friends to help as well. • The rules are simple: • Tape, staple, or paste one “Box Top for Education” on each square, starting with #1. • When you have circled the globe with 25 box tops, put your child’s name and grade on the form. • Send to school with your child and give to your child’s homeroom teacher, or put in the Box Tops collection box in • the main office. • All kids who enter will get a small prize, and drawings for additional fun prizes will be held at the end of the year. • Enter as many times as you wish. Involve you kids and get your friends and grandparents to help! • If you have a bonus strip from a grocery store, simply tape it over the page and send it in. • Additional forms are available in the school office, or you can make copies on your own. • Have fun with it! • Thank you for helping WLE raise needed funds to support it’s record of excellence! • For a list of products with the Box Tops for Education: http://www.boxtops4education.com • There is more information on our school’s website: http://williamlehman.dadeschools.net

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