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  1. NOUN -- word that names a person, place, thing, or idea

  2. Singular Nouns Plural Nouns Girls (most add –s) Switches (add –es for endings in s, ch, sh, x, z) Hobbies (change y to i & add –es) Lives (ending in f or fe, change f to v & add –s or –es) Geese (irregular plural) Fish (some don’t change) • Girl • Switch • Hobby • Life • Goose • Fish

  3. 1. star • 2. trout • 3. half • 4. joy • 5. waltz • 6. mystery • 7. flash • 8. tooth • 9. box • 10. onion PRACTICEWrite the plural form of each noun.

  4. 1. stars • 2. trout • 3. halves • 4. joys • 5. waltzes • 6. mysteries • 7. flashes • 8. teeth • 9. boxes • 10. onions ANSWERS

  5. Possessive Nouns --can show possession, ownership, or the general relationship between two nouns --add an apostrophe and –s to form the possessive of any singular noun --use just an apostrophe to form the possessive of a plural noun that ends in s --add an apostrophe and –s to form the possessive of plural noun that doesn’t end in s

  6. Plural Possessive Examples The kittens’ tails Her dresses’ collars The wives’ speeches The cookies’ decorations The stories’ villains The watches’ batteries The oxen’s stallsThe children’s booksThe women’s trophies Singular Possessive Examples The kitten’s tail Her dress’s collar The wife’s speech The cookie’s decoration The story’s villain The watch’s battery

  7. 1. The (women) banquet2. (Shawna) talent3. Chef (Lorenson) recipe4. the (building) location5. the (books) title6. Mr. (Sims) accident7. (Congress) schedule8. the (children) fever9. (Alfonso) job10. the (orange) seeds PRACTICE POSSESSIVE NOUNS Rewrite each phrase using the possessive form of the noun in parentheses.

  8. 1. The women’s banquet2. Shawna’s talent3. Chef Lorenson’s recipe4. the building’s location5. the books’ titles6. Mr. Sims’s accident7. Congress’s schedule8. the children’s fever9. Alfonso’s job10. the orange’s seeds ANSWERS

  9. Noun made of two or more words • May be open, hyphenated, or closed • EXAMPLES OPEN gray fox, press secretary, line of sight HYPHENATED mother-in-law, tenth-grader, good-bye CLOSED folksinger, headlight, postmaster Compound Nouns

  10. EXAMPLES CONCRETE air, melody, stone, aroma, heat ABSTRACT attitude, dignity, loyalty, sadness • Concrete names an object that occupies space or can be recognized by any of the senses • Abstract names an idea, a quality, or a characteristic Concrete & Abstract Nouns

  11. EXAMPLES COMMON artist, uncle, country, lake, shuttle, vehicle, religion PROPER Michelangelo, Uncle Louis, Mexico, Lake Superior, Jeep, Judaism • Common is the general – not the particular – name of a person, place, thing, or idea. • Proper is the name of a particular person, place, thing, or idea. A proper noun is capitalized. Common & Proper Nouns

  12. PracticeIdentify each noun by writing common or proper. If a noun is common, also write concrete or abstract. Homer’s Odyssey is an epic poem. Who is the Steelers’ new quarterback? Victoria saw Mrs. Ramos fall and helped her up. Honesty is one of Andy’s best qualities. One goal for good health is to drink eight glasses of water every day. Bessie Coleman was the first African American female pilot. Like any explorer, astronauts cherish the hope of discovering a new world. Has Mickey ever written a song? The vision of Chief Wilma Mankiller is to lead the Cherokee Nation to self-reliance. The language we call Old English was spoken during the Middle Ages.

  13. 1. Proper: Homer’s, Odyssey 6. Proper: Bessie Coleman Common: poem –concrete Common: pilot -concrete 2. Proper: Steelers’ 7. Common: explorer -concrete Common: quarterback –concrete astronauts -concrete 3. Proper: Victoria, Mrs. Ramos hope -abstract 4. Proper: Andy’s world -concrete Common: honesty –abstract 8. Proper: Mickey qualities –abstract Common: song -concrete 5. Common: goal –abstract 9. Proper: Chief Wilma Mankiller, health –abstract Cherokee Nation glasses –concrete Common: vision -abstract water –concrete self-reliance -abstract day –concrete 10. Proper: Old English, Middle Ages Common: language -concrete Answers

  14. Singular in form but names a group • Sometimes considered singular and sometimes plural • EXAMPLES Family Herd Company Band Team Audience Troop Committee Jury Flock Collective Noun