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power given to the president is called n.
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Power given to the president is called? PowerPoint Presentation
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Power given to the president is called?

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Power given to the president is called?
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Power given to the president is called?

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  1. Power given to the president is called?

  2. Executive

  3. Which Article in the Constitution covers the Executive Branch?

  4. Article 2

  5. How old must a candidate for president or vice president be?

  6. 35 years old

  7. The term for President and vice president is?

  8. 4 years

  9. Who elects the president and vice president from each state?

  10. Electors

  11. Electors are appointed to cast votes for president and vice president are known as?

  12. Electoral College

  13. Number of members appointed to the Electoral College is determined by the number of what two things from each state?

  14. Senators and Representatives

  15. What does natural born mean?

  16. Born in the United States

  17. Harry Nelson is a natural born citizen, has resided in the United States for the past 10 years and is 35 years old. Is he qualified to run for president?

  18. No, he has not been a resident of the United States long enough

  19. Sarah Kendall is 36 years old and has immigrated from Canada 10 years ago. She is living in New York and has been a citizen for 14 years. Is she eligible to run for president?

  20. No, she must be a natural born citizen

  21. Janice Rand is a natural born citizen and has lived in Arizona for 20 years. She is 34 years old and will be 35 in two weeks. The elections are a month away, is she eligible to run for president?

  22. Yes, she will be 35 by the time of the election

  23. The current salary for the President of the United States is?

  24. $400,000 a year

  25. Can a president make treaties with a foreign nation?

  26. Yes, with the approval of the Senate

  27. The action that a president performs that blocks legislation from passing is known as?

  28. Veto

  29. An agreement or understanding between the president and the leader of a foreign government that does not require approval by the Senate is known as?

  30. Executive Agreement

  31. The 5 freedoms of the First Amendment are known as?

  32. Freedom of Expression

  33. First 10 Amendments to the Constitution are called?

  34. The Bill of Rights

  35. Who prepares the federal budget?

  36. President

  37. When one pleads the “fifth” what are they referring to?

  38. The right to remain silent under the 5th Amendment

  39. The only president who has also been the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court?

  40. William Howard Taft

  41. True or False?The president does not have to deliver a State of the Union address in person.

  42. TrueThe Constitution only requires that the president give Congress information on the State of the Union from time to time. Presidents George Washington and John Adams delivered their State of the Union addresses in person, but Thomas Jefferson discontinued the practice and wrote a message to Congress. Woodrow Wilson revived the practice of delivering the message in person in 1913 and the rest have followed this example.

  43. Name 4 powers of the president

  44. Propose legislation Appoint federal official with approval of Senate, including Supreme Court justices Enforce federal laws Commander in Chief of Armed Forces Veto Issue pardons or reprieves Make treaties with foreign governments with approval of Senate Maintain federal budget and emergency funding Executive agreement between president and leader of foreign government Executive Power Clause Can call special session of Congress for national emergency Take Care Clause empowers president to enforce laws

  45. The attempt to reapportion congressional districts to favor one party or candidate over another is known as

  46. Gerrymandering

  47. Who was president during the building of the Panama Canal and hero of the Spanish American War?

  48. Theodore Roosevelt

  49. How long does one have to reside in the United States to run for the Senate?

  50. 9 years