theravada buddhism n.
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Theravada Buddhism PowerPoint Presentation
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Theravada Buddhism

Theravada Buddhism

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Theravada Buddhism

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  1. Theravada Buddhism Orthodox Buddhism

  2. Triple GemThree Jewels • To become a Buddhist then to reassert the basis of one’s faith A person “takes refuge” in the three jewels reciting the Pali formula • This softens the discipline of the mind with devotion to the triple gem-Buddha, Dhamma, Sangha

  3. Sangha- order of disciples- renounce the world in order to follow, preserve and share the dhamma, monastic, simplify life devote to study and teaching, beg for needs, lay people get merit Triple Gem Buddha- homage to as supreme teacher and inspiring model- honoring the buddha-wisdom within us all Dhamma- doctrine he taught- like medicine- cure- immediate, timeless, leading to calmness

  4. Pali Canon • Collection of the sayings of Buddha (teachings)- carried orally through 1st century AD- then written down on palm leaves and stored in baskets • Rules for monks and nuns • Discourses of the Buddha • Further discipline •

  5. Vipassana Meditation • Vipassana- “insight” • Methods used to develop insight begin by increasing one’s attentiveness to every detail as a way of calming, focusing and watching the mind • Keep mind concentrated on movement • Sitting and walking meditation

  6. Vipassana Meditation • Observe and allow to pass away any emotions, visions or ecstatic states during meditation • Truths of existence as set forth by Buddha become apparent but mind becomes calm, clear and detached from likes and dislikes •

  7. Laity • 2 paths- laity and bhikkhus • Lives are more devotional than intellectual • Do not join the monastery • Only expected to give alms (to gain merit) and observe the three refuges and five precepts with some attention to developing tranquility • Few try to gain enlightenment • Worship: venerate relics, images of buddha, monks blessing

  8. Closure/Evaluation • What do you take “refuge” in (ex. friends, music)? Are there any connections on what you do between that and the three refuges of Buddhism? How would your “refuge’s” impact your life/ The three refuges impact a Buddhists life? • Write a summary sentence explaining the focus of each part of Theravada Buddhism we went over today.

  9. Meditation •