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  2. A project created for Junior high or high school students taking Spanish for Native Speakers or Advanced Spanish or World Cultures by Susan Massey e-mail Website

  3. Lesson Description Using the Internet, students will prepare presentations on individual Latin American countries, focusing on high interest aspects of culture such as popular music, sports and food as well as geography and history.

  4. Spanish Standards • Students present information, concepts and ideas to an audience of listeners. • Students reinforce and further their knowledge of other disciplines through the foreign language. History Standards Describe the recent history of the regions [South America] including political divisions and systems, key leaders, religious issues, natural features, resources and population patterns.

  5. Instructional Objectives • Identify all countries on map of Latin America • Explain demographics and recent history of a selected country • Share music, art, food, writing and sports figures of selected country using appropriate audio-visual aids. • Be able to locate information on the Internet, take notes and copy pictures to project to class

  6. Student Activities • Surf Internet to see pictures of many Latin American countries • Research many aspects of selected country • Prepare to speak from notes about selected country using appropriate audio-visual aids. • Take notes on classmates’ presentations. • Take test on information from all presentations.

  7. Successes of student project • High degree of student involvement. • High percentage of on-task time. • Students demonstrated knowledge of their country and enthusiasm for using technology

  8. Pre/Post Test Results Minimal knowledge of subject before project. High scores on post test—too high

  9. Didn’t take enough notes on classmate’s presentations Students slowed down by lack of technology know-how. More specific outline for taking notes. More typed instructions for procedures linked to website. Problems and Revisions

  10. Not all students brought cultural displays Not all students demonstrated good presentation skills. Website instructions have been made more specific Must give more direct instruction on making a speech. More Problems and Revisions

  11. Will reluctant students achieve more by doing a project? High correlation between project grade and previous semester grade.

  12. The CTAP Experience • Expectations: Learn to do a website, Power-point presentation, spreadsheet and graphs. • Results: I learned to do a website, Power-point presentation, spreadsheet and graphs. • Bonus: The teaching methods of the learning technology staff and the step-by-step instructions in the modules served as an example for teaching my students how to use technology.

  13. I feel empowered, thanks to Borderlink and the Learning Technology crew! Alan Kevin Cindy Linda Mike

  14. PS. I had a great time!