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  1. Joey, Clay, Ben, Ben and Erik MIDDLE EAST

  2. Women’s rights were advanced by Islam in the beginning. Higher status in the beginning, but more restrictive( esp. in urban areas) All believers are equal before Allah. Unskilled slaves treated poorly, rural landowning elite (Aryan) emerged. Social

  3. Many groups in the area were weak, making it easier for Arabs to gain control. Umayyad's overthrown by Abbasids Umayyad's uninterested in gaining converts; Abbasids more so. Abbasids fully integrated Malawi's The bureaucracy grew under direction of the wazir Persians soon became the source of power in the imperial system Capital at Baghdad. Political

  4. Arabs groups defeated the sassanids, quickly seized western Iraq, Syria , Palestine, and Egypt. Separation between Muslims, converts (Malawi), and Dhimmi under Umayyad Under Abbasids, Malawi were fully accepted as Muslims in the community. Interactions

  5. Tolerated Dhimmi, or people of the book Arts flourished Mathematics preserved, improved. (introduction of numbers) Architecture improved Sciences were improved Muslim cities became centers of learning, knowledge, culture. culture

  6. The rich booty and tribute motivated their conquest Collected taxes from Dhimmi Umayyads blocked converts from the booty, important jobs. Rise of the Malawi accompanied by wealth and status of merchants and landowners economic

  7. Adopted Islam, which acted as uniting force for the region Everyone equal in the eyes of Allah Sunni, Shia split in the 7th century Five Pillars of Islam. Religion