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Middle East

Middle East

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Middle East

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  1. Middle East Hannah Maydak

  2. Tunisia • Tunisians have started to enjoy new freedoms and political rights: freedom of expression, and the right to assembly and protest

  3. Algeria • Terrorist Attack was the most ambitious and the deadliest terror attack since the rampage by Pakistani militants through Mumbai five years ago. The attack on the In Amenas gas facility left 37 foreign workers dead.

  4. Egypt • Demonstrators here and around Egypt were chanting for the end of military rule. But on Saturday, as a court ruling about a soccer riot set off angry mobs, many in the crowd here declared they now believed that a military coup might be the best hope to restore order.

  5. Libya • The top UN official for Libya has said that women in the North African country will have new chances to express their hopes for Libya due to current changes underway.

  6. Saudi Arabia • The new Consultative Assembly has women members for the first time. • Once a purely advisory body, the Consultative Assembly now has the right to introduce legislation

  7. Jordan • Fallout from the Egyptian revolution is being felt across the Arab world. It's reached Jordan, where the ruling monarchy is facing pressure to update. Criticism of the royal family is rare, but lately some people have been speaking out against the queen.

  8. Yemen • Yemen's president restructures armed forces. • Yemen's Ali Abdullah Saleh resigns.

  9. Syria • Beyond the financial sector, the Syrian Government has enacted major changes to rental and tax laws.

  10. Country I choose • The country I choose would be Algeria. If the Untied States were too get involved with the terrorist attack that happened, it would just make an even bigger mess. I understand that we may help other countries but this would cause major issues such as safety for the people.