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  1. Holes By Louis Sachar Adventure Presented by: Angelo, Enmanuel, Alyssa

  2. Attention Grabber Have you ever wanted a puzzle to figure out in a book? Well, If you read this book, you can solve on what will happen to Stanley Yelnats.

  3. Brief Summary First, Stanley Yelnats conflict was that the people thought he stole sweet feet’s shoes Then, Stanley was sent to Camp Green Lake for the “Bad Boys”. After that, He was forced to dig holes to find a certain item.

  4. You’ll love this book if… • One reason you would love to enjoy this book is if you love to dig holes. Because the main characters have to dig holes to learn discipline.

  5. You'll love this book if.. A second reason you would enjoy this book is you like adventure. One example is that Stanley and zero climb’s gods thumb

  6. You’ll love this book if… • A third reason you would like to read this book is if you like a puzzle. • One example is that Stanley and Zero have to find out what their digging for.

  7. Favorite Quotation • “Nobody runs away from here. We don’t need a fence. Know why? Because we’ve got the only water for hundred miles away.” We chose this because we could understand why didn’t they run away, because they were the only people who had water.

  8. Connection to the world This book connects to the world because kids can steal items from store, and another thing that connects to the world is that kids can be sent to juvy or under house arrest.

  9. Teaser • Do you want to find out how Stanley and Zero live? Will Stanley’s curse go away? To find this out go check the library today on what happens next!