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  1. Holes Written by Louis Sachar - Fiction - Created by Caroline May

  2. setting • The book , Holes , is located mainly at an old dried up lake called Camp Green Lake. It is very hot and dusty there and the “campers” have to dig a very big hole every day in the hard, crusty ground. The summer weather conditions made it even hotter at Camp Green Lake. It was not a very pleasant place to be.

  3. Stanleyyelnats • Stanley Yelnats, also known as Caveman, came to Camp Green Lake as an overweight teen. He is an only child, but is said to be unlucky do to his no-good-dirty-rotten-pig-stealing-great-great-grandfather. The poor teen has hope in bad situations no matter how bad they may get.

  4. Mr. sir • Mr. Sir is the boss of all of the campers at Camp Green Lake. He is strict, mean, and rough on the boys when they are digging or anything they are doing. He is scary looking to the campers, but he isn’t the head of all of Camp Green Lake.

  5. The warden • The warden, also known as Mrs. Walker, is the head of everyone at Camp Green Lake. She is even the boss of Mr. Sir. The warden has red hair, freckles all of over her body and is tall. She seems nice at first, but she is actually very bossy and suspicious.

  6. Mr. pendanski • Mr. Pendanski is the counselor of the campers in Tent D. His head is pretty much bald, but he has a curly, black beard. He usually has a bad sunburn on his nose. He can be nice at times, but it might be better if he were a little more strict.

  7. Hector zeroni • Hector Zeroni, also known as Zero, is said to have nothing in his head, but is actually a fast learner. He is quiet, shy, small and good at digging holes. He is a poor kid and is very nice if you actually get him to talk to you.

  8. rex • Rex, also known as X-Ray, is the “leader” of the campers in Tent D. Although he was just a scrawny kid, he seemed to boss the campers in Tent D. X-Ray is black and wears glasses, but his glasses are usually very dirty from the dust in the air.

  9. ricky • Ricky, also known as Zigzag, has wild and frizzy blonde hair. He has a long, skinny neck and a big, round head. Zigzag is also tall. No one ever wanted to mess with him because he caused trouble quite often.

  10. theodore • Theodore, also known as Armpit, often caused trouble along with X-Ray and Zigzag. Armpit was big and sort of a bully to the other campers. Nobody got in his way because he didn’t mess around a lot. He could be nice, but he was usually just a bully.

  11. Problems & solutions • There were many problems and solutions in the book Holes. Here are a few examples: • At Camp Green Lake, the campers in Tent D were not very nice. Stanley solved this problem by staying out of their way and not making much trouble. • Another problem was that digging all day made blisters on Stanley’s hands. To resolve this challenge, Stanley put his hat around the top of his shovel when he was digging.

  12. Problems & Solutions cont. 3. Stanley was never guilty of the crime the court accused him of. Heshouldn’t even be at Camp Green Lake. He solved this problem by running away and getting everyone to believe his story because he was really innocent.

  13. theme • As Stanley goes through camp and all of the challenges it brings him, he learns a few valuable lessons. For one example, he learns how to work hard to get a tough job done. He also learns to stand up for himself and overcome his fears. But the biggest improvement that Stanley made throughout the book was that he became a better and nicer person. The theme of Holes is not very clear, but as the book says, “You will have to fill in the holes yourself.”

  14. Holes Caroline May