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  1. Holes By:BrittanyRichert

  2. Louis Sachar • Louis Sachar is a popular author of small steps,StanleyYelnats’ Survival Guide to Camp Green Lake, There’s a Boy in the Girls’ Bathroom, Dogs Don’t Tell Jokes, and the Marvin Redpost series, among many others. He lives in Austin Texas.

  3. Stanley Yelnats • Stanley is a boy who is being blamed for stealing very important shoes. He had to choose either to go to Camp Green lake or to jail, He chose Camp Green Lake it took 2 hours to get there. Once he got there he was there for 2 weeks already & he got a letter from his mom. Once he read his letter zero anothere boy from the camp came in the texnt & he told him 2 read the letter. Zero told him he could not read or write, so stanley teach him how to read.

  4. Zero • Zero is a boy who is getting staleys help for reading and writing. Zero has never heard of the lady in the shoe. He also has never heard of his mother .

  5. Magnet • Magnet is a boy from camp green lake that is called magnet because of him stealing things with his sticky fingers. He stole Mr.Sirs sunflower seeds. Everyone was tossing them around trying to get some .When they came to stanley they fell in his hole & Mr.Sir drove up & took him to the warden.

  6. X-Ray • One day it was x-rays birthday so the warden told him he was able to sleep later on his birthday. He was able to cut in line at lunch.

  7. The Warden • The Warden is the boss of the camp she is the person that once someone finds something she gets to see if it is worth keeping & the camper gets a extra shower & extra clothing.

  8. Setting • The setting of the book is The Camp Green Lake

  9. Theme • The theme of the story is entertaining.

  10. Problem • The problem of the story is that Stanley got in trouble because most people thought he stole a pair of shoes.

  11. Solution • The solution was that he was sent to camp green lake because the judge didn’t think stanley was inocent.