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  1. Holes By Zane Moore 2nd period

  2. BY Louis Sacher

  3. genre • Newberry Award book Theme

  4. Meet The Characters Jose-magnet, warden Stanley-caveman Alan-squid Rex-x-ray Theodore-armpit Ricky-zigzag Hector-zero Mr. sir Mr.pendanski

  5. The Setting • The setting of the thestory called holes takes place in a wasteland dessert , its at a camp called camp green lake.

  6. Stanley yelntas • Stanley is an overweight kid with a lot of bad luck. He is convicted of a crime he didn't commit and is sent to the Camp Green Lake juvenile detention center. Generally kind, Stanley has a difficult time in school and at the camp.

  7. zero-hector • Zero is a camper at Camp Green Lake who becomes friends with Stanley. Zero is the best digger and is thought to be stupid by the counselors and the other boys. In truth, Zero is very smart, although he has never been taught how to read.

  8. José magnet • Magnet earned his nickname by his ability to steal things. My fingers are like little magnets, he claims after he steals Mr. Sir's sunflower seeds.

  9. Alan squid • Squid is another boy at the camp. He is as tough as X-Ray, although he often follows X-Ray's directions. Squid often taunts Stanley about receiving letters from, and writing to, his mom.

  10. X ray- rex • X-Ray is the leader of the group of boys at Camp Green Lake. Although he is small and but he is the leader. He is nice to Stanley when Stanley gives him the gold tube that he finds in the dirt.

  11. Armpit-theodore • Along with Squid, Armpit seems to be one of X-Ray's closest companions. He is the one that pushes Stanley to the floor when Stanley forgets to call him by his nickname.

  12. Zigzag-ricky • Stanley thinks Zigzag is the weirdest kid at Camp Green Lake. Zigzag is very violent and does not even apologize to Stanley after hitting him in the head with a shovel.

  13. Mir.sir • Mr. Sir is one of the counselors at Camp Green Lake. He is tough and mean and is constantly eating sunflower seeds

  14. Mir. Pendanski • Mr. Pendanski is in charge of tent D, Stanley's tent at Camp Green Lake. He seems to be friendly but really he is just as mean as the Warden and Mr. Sir.