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  1. Realistic Fiction Holes ByKyrian Williams

  2. Louis Sachar Louis was born in East Meadow, New York on March 20, 1954. Louis Sachar has written many children's books including Holes’ Cardturner’ and Dogs Don’t Tell Jokes.

  3. Camp Green Lake(The Setting) Camp Green L:ake now is a desolate land mass with holes every where and is where most of the story takes place. Camp Green Lake when Kate Barlow was a school teacher nice weather and a lot of vegetation

  4. Stanley Yelnats Stanley Yelnats was portrayed by ShiaLaBeouf . Stanley was a fat ugly kid in the book and a less overweight guy in the movie. ShiaLaBeouf a few years after the movies Holes He’s starred in Holes, Eagle Eye’ Disturbia , and Transformers,

  5. Hector, “Zero”, Zeroni Zero a.k.aKhleo Thomas is now a rapper and has a few record labels like LBW Stacks on DECK Zero Unlimited and The Plus RECORDS Zero is a orphan who lost his mom. In the story he became Caveman’s friend. He’s the reason Caveman’s in Camp Green Lake.

  6. The Warden A.K.ASigourney Weaver The Warden says the boys are digging for character but theyall know they were not. Sigourney Weaver getting her award at the Emmys for many of her movies including Gorillas in the Mist , Aliens, and Ghostbusters..

  7. Mr. Sir Jon Voight Mr.Sir is an ex smoker now sunflower seed chewer. He’s been in a bad mood ever since he stopped smoking. He doesn’t like Caveman at all. His catchphrase is “This ain’t girl scouts is it?” Jon Voight is Angelina Jolies father and they feuded for 8 years with Angelina's husband Brad Pitt being Peacekeeper.

  8. Mom A.K.A Tim Blake Nelson Mom is like the counselor of Camp Green lake. But he has a dark side too. Even though he looks sweet and innocent hes really is not. Tim Blake Nelson is from Tulsa Oklahoma and has starred and directed many movies. He’s known for Holes Hoot and the Incredible Hulk.

  9. Problem in the Beginning • After a bully named Derek Dunne stole Stanley’s journal and put it in the toilet which made Stanley late for his bus. As Stanley was walking home he was hit in the head by some sneakers. So, he took off running and the police asked why he was running and arrested him. That’s how he ended up in Camp Green Lake. Picture of Clyde Livingston’s shoes

  10. Problem in the Middle • As Stanley started at Camp Green Lake he didn’t have a hard time to make friends but a hard time digging holes. His hands got blisters and he lost a lot of weight when Stanley found something in his hole and the Warden made them dig the dirt twice. Stanley and Mr. Sir never liked each other and Stanley getting him slapped didn’t help their situation at all.

  11. Problem in the End • Nearing the end of the story Stanley and Zero ran away to God’s thumb and found a field of sweet onions and a stream. Then they went back to the hole Stanley found the golden tube. They dug and dug. Then they found a chest of gold things and apiece of paper with a lot of money. Then it rained at camp green lake. Stanley and zero were released from camp green lake. A few months later all the boys in camp D were released. The money that Stanley and Hector got bought them a new house and pool. All the boys in camp D had a pool party at Stanleys.