holes n.
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  2. STANLEY YELNATS • Stanley Yelnats is an overweight kid who’s family is supposedly under a curse because of his no-good-dirty-rotten-pig-stealing-great great grandfather. • He is not a bad kid and did not steal the shoes from the homeless shelter. His name is spelled the same frontwards as backwards. CAVEMAN

  3. HECTOR ZERONI • Hector Zeroni’s mom disappeared when she left him at a park. He was sent to camp green lake for stealing a pair of shoes from a store. • He can not read but is good at math. • He hates digging holes and doesn’t like answering stupid questions. He never talked until he met Stanley. ZERO

  4. REX • Rex is the leader of the group. Everyone follows and listens to him. • He is somewhat selfish and thinks about himself. • He is one of the only ones who is nice to Stanley • He cant see very well. X-RAY

  5. BRIAN • Brian was sent to camp green lake for stealing cars. • When he sees a nice car he starts twitching. TWITCH

  6. LEWIS • Lewis did not like camp green lake at all. • To get out of it, he purposely got himself bitten by a rattlesnake while he was digging. BARFBAG

  7. JOSE’ • Jose was sent to camp green lake for stealing a puppy from a pet store. • He stole the sunflower seeds from Mr. Sir's truck and says that his hands are like magnets. • He is very skilled at stealing. MAGNET

  8. THEODORE • Theodore likes to be called by his nickname more than his real name. • He is sort of nice to Stanley. • He isn't as mean or bad as the other campers, and his armpits stink. ARMPIT

  9. RICKY • Ricky comes from a bad family. • He has very wild hair and its even wilder when its really hot outside. • He is the meanest to Stanley. ZIG-ZAG

  10. THEME The theme of the book is about 9 boys and their hardships and problems while they dig holes.

  11. SETTING WHEN : Modern day WHERE: Camp Green Lake

  12. PROBLEMS AND SOLUTIONS • A problem in the book was getting to the top of god’s thumb. • The solution was that they packed onions and water and hiked with their shovels. • Another problem was figuring out who KB was. • The solution was that