the fascinating world of n.
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The fascinating world of… PowerPoint Presentation
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The fascinating world of…

The fascinating world of…

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The fascinating world of…

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  1. The fascinating world of… ANODISING!

  2. Anodising is a finishing technique for aluminium. It works by increasing the thickness of the oxide layer that naturally occurs on the surface of aluminium. If the technique is attempted on other materials, it increases the corrosion rate. For example with iron.

  3. The attraction of anodising • Anodising aluminium makes the material much harder and after a sealing process the aluminium becomes much more wear and corrosion resistance. • Coloured dyes can be added in the electrolysis stage to create different colours, this is unique to aluminium and anodising.

  4. The Nitty Gritty Details • First the original oxide layer is removed by sodium hydroxide. • Then the aluminium to be anodised is the anode in the electrolysis of dilute sulphuric acid. • Oxygen forms on the surface of the aluminium creating a thicker oxide layer.


  6. PAINTS And the even more fascinating world of….

  7. INTRODUCTION TO PAINTS. • Paints, you wouldn’t imagine would be so varied, however there is a fascinating world of paints beyond the basic brush and tin.

  8. Application of PAINTS. • Paints can be applied by 3 main ways…. • Brush on. Applies with a roller or brush… • Electrostatic spray on paint, (only with metallic surfaces!) • Heat treating application. (for use with powder paints)

  9. Spraying, a rather nasty and dangerous job!, masks must be worn!!!

  10. Types of paints… • Paints for use with brushes, you can use emulsion for painting walls and ceilings. For the artist who uses fine brushes and artist brushes, harsher, thick acrylic or soft thin watercolour paints can be used. Brushes of various shapes and sizes can give you a fantastic fine finish and can be used to a stunning result in art.

  11. Acrylic Artwork that I have done.

  12. Powder paints are very dangerous to control and apply and must be worked with in a controlled environment. They are applied by spraying the powder over the material and then heating the material up, and this is used in the shipping and textile industries. Also used in pottery!!

  13. Paints within industry are totally different in their nature. Within the car industry, paint is expensive and is applied with a spray gun. This on its own would be very costly, and so they use electrostatic energy to ensure that most of the paint molecules that are sprayed on stick to the metal body. The same process is used in aviation, and can produce spectacular results and complex paintwork.