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  1. Hinduism By: Daniel W.

  2. The Menu

  3. Himalayas and Hindu Kush The Aryans lived in between two mountains, the Hindu Kush and the Himalayas.

  4. Herders and farmers? The Harrapans were herders and farmers

  5. How it started The Aryans came to The Indus River Valley and Brought Hinduism. Hinduism grew from Aryans myths. The Aryans migrated to the Indus River Valley from Central Asia.

  6. Why the Aryans Came to the river Valley The Aryans came to the Indus River Valley because the land was very fertile.

  7. The Caste The caste system is sort of like your life rating. If you do good in one life you come back better in the next. Click picture for more info

  8. Pictures for the caste

  9. The high priest The high priest was the highest and 1st caste.

  10. Warriors and rulers Warriors and rulers were the 2nd most important caste.

  11. Merchants and farmers They were the 3rd caste and 3rd most important.

  12. Servants and peasants They were the last caste and the least important.

  13. The untouchables The untouchables were not considered a caste. They could not come in contact with anyone.

  14. India The Dravidians lived there first. The Aryans moved to India from Central Asia.

  15. Muslim and Hindu conflict The Muslim invaded the Hindu because the two religions were different.

  16. The Raga One of the intentions for this drum is to produce a meditative state. Another on was to be played at certain times of the day.

  17. Trade Route Extended as far as Mesopotamia.

  18. Polytheism Had many gods. A lot of animal gods.

  19. Harrapans A group called the Harrapans lived at the Indus river valley first. They disappeared once the Aryans came.

  20. Two major cities of Harapan times Mohenjo-Daro and Harappa were the two cities that were most important during the Harapan time.

  21. The great bath Mohenjo-Daro a Harrapan city had a public bath called the Great Bath. The Great Bath was at the citadel.

  22. Siddhartha Gautama Was the founder of Buddhism but was a Hindu prince.