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  1. HOLES Created by: Kip Williams

  2. Louis Sachar Hole is a realistic fiction. Louis Sachar is an award-winning author of over twenty-one fiction and educational books for children. Louis's book, Holes, won the prestigious National Book Award and the Newbery Medal. Holes now is a Disney Pixar movie

  3. Hole’s setting is at Camp Green Lake in Green Lake, Texas. The name is sort of a joke considering there is nothing green there and there is no lake. It is a complete desert and it is 95 degrees in the shade. It is a 9 hour hot bus drive to get there and the camps isolation makes Camp Green Lake a perfect prison with no fence.

  4. Kate Barlow had blonde hair and blue eyes. She was a school teacher and since the school house was ran down she had a handy man named Sam fix the school house for jars of her famous peaches. When she fell in love with Sam the town created a mob and burned down the school house for her kissing an African American. Sam was shot and killed. Ever since that Kate changed into “Kissing” Kate Barlow for being a notorious outlaw and ever man she killed she would kiss his forehead. She robbed many banks and died in Green Lake, Texas when a yellow spotted lizard bit her and killed her in seconds.

  5. Zero is another camper at Camp Green Lake. He became friends with Stanley Yelnats, he is the best digger. The counselors and the other campers think he is very stupid but in reality Zero is very smart. He is the great, great, great grandson of Madam Zeroni and Zero has suffered more hardships then Stanley but her perseveres and shows incredible strength and will power.

  6. Squid is another camper. Squid often taunts Caveman about writing to his mother. Squid is as tough as X-Ray but follows him and does what he says. Squid reveals that he cares about his mother by telling Caveman to tell he mother that squid said he was sorry.

  7. Madame Zeroni is the great, great, great grandmother of Hector Zeroni. She is a one footed gypsy who gave a pig to Elya Yelnats the ancestor of Stanley Yelnats to win the heart of his love. He made a promise to carry Madame Zeroni to the uphill river, but he broke the promise and she cursed his family for generations to come.

  8. He is a mean counselor and is rude in a sarcastic manner. He watches the boys dig and drives his truck out to where there digging to fill there water canteens, He always carries a pistol around incase he see’s a yellow spotted lizard. He got slapped by the Warden with her snake venom nail polish which burned the cuts from her nails and it left a scare the campers later made fun of for.

  9. In the beginning he seams very nice but later he turns to be evil spirited by making fun of Zero saying he is the dumbest kids ever and commenting how the holes are Stanley's and Zero’s graves when the run away from camp In the hot dried up lake.

  10. A problem in the story is that Stanley did not steal the shoes and he was accused of it. It was because of his great, great, grandfather. It was solved by meaning Hector Zeroni and breaking the curse by finding Kissing Kate Barlow’s Treasure.