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Target audience PowerPoint Presentation
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Target audience

Target audience

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Target audience

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  1. Target audience Josh Steptoe

  2. Who • The target audience is mainly people aged between 15-30 and that is because of the theme of the stolen jewel. This would attract this age group more because it is what that age group like to see and the action genre is what they prefer. • Also the target audience will be mainly men because this is the sort of genre which men can relate to most and is the most popular with males.

  3. Why • The reason it is aimed at men is because of the action involved in the film. There are scenes with chases, violence and confrontation which makes the film very relatable for men and is what they would like to see. • The reason for the age group is because if a viewer under 15 saw it they may be offended by the theme of the film and also the thing that happen in the film. • The reason this film will not be aimed towards females is that women do not usually like this genre of film and would usually prefer to watch a romantic film or a comedy.

  4. Examples of films • Examples of these types of films with a target audience the same are: - Snatch: this was aimed at males when it was released and also males with the same age group as our audience. - Point Break: This film is one of the most well known action films ever and is very popular with the target audience we have created.

  5. Expectations • The target audience we are aiming our short film at will be expecting lots of action as this is what they like to watch. Having lots of action means having chase scenes, violence and weapons involved in the film and this is what we have done with our film. The film is very much based around the target audience and lots of the things involved in the short film are things that are aimed towards that audience.