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Target Audience PowerPoint Presentation
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Target Audience

Target Audience

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Target Audience

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  1. Target Audience Kindergarteners Next

  2. Learning Environment • Students will be in small groups, working on computers together. Previous Next

  3. Objectives • Condition: The students will be in small groups working together. • Performance: Students will be quizzed on what they learned from the PowerPoint, students should get at least a 90% on the quiz. • Criteria: Students will be learning about things under the sea! Previous Next

  4. Orientation • In this PowerPoint students will be learning about Under the Sea! Previous Next

  5. Motivation • There will be a pictures throughout the entire PowerPoint. Previous Next

  6. Information • Facts about Under the Sea will be on the slides. Previous Next

  7. Application • There will be an overview slide at the end. Previous Next

  8. Evaluation • The students will have a 5 question quiz at the end. Previous Next

  9. Under the Sea Previous Next

  10. There are many under the sea creatures that you may not know about! Previous Next

  11. One of the many creatures are clown fish! Previous Next

  12. You may have seen a clown fish in the movie “Finding Nemo!  Previous Next

  13. The most common color of a clown fish is bright orange with white stripes. Previous Next

  14. The clown fish lives in what’s called a sea anemone. Previous Next

  15. The anemone actually has stinging chemicals which can hurt other fish but it doesn’t harm the clown fish. Previous Next

  16. Another sea creature is a dolphin! Previous Next

  17. Dolphins are very playful animals. Previous Next

  18. Dolphins mainly eat fish and squid. Previous Next

  19. Another under the sea creature is the Jellyfish! Previous Next

  20. Jellyfish come in a wide variety of shapes and colors. Previous Next

  21. Most Jellyfish are see through though. Previous Next

  22. Some Jellyfish tentacles can get as long as 100 feet long! Previous Next

  23. The last creature we will talk about is the Shark! Previous Next

  24. Sharks have been around for 400 million years. Previous Next

  25. A shark may grow and use over 20,000 teeth in its lifetime! Previous Next

  26. Almost all sharks are “meat-eaters”. Previous Next

  27. Now that you have learned about four different animals you will take a quiz!  Click the star to start the quiz!

  28. Question 1:How long have sharks been around? 100 million years 400 million years OR

  29. Nope, not 100 million years! Try Again?

  30. CORRECT! It’s 400 million years! Next Question? Click the arrow below to move on.

  31. Question 2:What color are jellyfish? See-through Blue OR

  32. No, jellyfish are not blue! Try Again?

  33. CORRECT! Jellyfish are see-through! Next Question? Click the arrow to move on to the next question!

  34. Question 3:What do dolphins eat? Sharks and Jellyfish Fish and Squid OR

  35. No, Dolphins don’t eat sharks and jellyfish. Try Again?

  36. CORRECT! Dolphins eat fish and squid! Next Question? Click the arrow below to move on to the next question.

  37. Question 4:What color is the most common for clownfish? Black and Yellow Bright Orange and White OR

  38. No, they are not black and yellow! Try Again?

  39. CORRECT! They are bright orange and white!You’ve completed the Quiz!GREAT JOB!  Next

  40. Now you are an official explorer of the sea! You’ve learned about clownfish, dolphins, jellyfish, and sharks!You even passed the quiz! Great Job Explorer!  Finish? Back to the Beginning?

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