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Target Audience PowerPoint Presentation
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Target Audience

Target Audience

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Target Audience

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  1. Target Audience The audience I am aiming my magazine at will be the younger people and students around the UK, it will be aimed at the class E people, these are the people with the lowest amount of income like the unemployed and students so the magazine will relate to this. In relation to the 4C’s model the audience of my magazine will be the aspirers, these are the people who seek status, these are very image orientated, materialistic, interested in fashion, these are younger people in this model my magazine will be associated with the explorers, these are people who seek discovery, they are people into individualism, they value difference and are often adventurous people, these are often the first people to try new brands and this brand choice involves satisfaction and impact, explorers are usually younger people and students. In older people it will be aimed at single people who are living alone and newly married couples who are young with no children. It will be aimed at people who are into indie, psychedelic, grunge and up and coming music and who are interested in finding out about bands.

  2. Institutions The institution I have looked at is IPC media, it is one of the largest magazine and digital publishers, they create content for multiple platforms like print, online and mobile for more than 60 brands engaging with around 26 million UK adults and reach 25 million globally on their websites. They have brands of magazine from many different styles like music, lifestyle and fashion, some of these brands include, Marie Claire, NME, Essentials and Uncut. The magazine that links most to my magazine ideas and audience is NME, IPC states it ‘ has become a truly unique multi-platform media proposition. Across the magazine,, NME Video and the brand's live events and awards, NME reaches over 1.1 million music fans every week.’ it then goes on to show that ‘NME is the longest published and most respected music weekly in the world. Every week it gives its readers the most exciting, most authoritative coverage of the very best in new music’. IPC provides this magazine for digital media, a versions has been released for the IPad on the Apple app store, it is also able to be downloaded for Nook and Kindle fire from their individual application stores.