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Target Audience PowerPoint Presentation
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Target Audience

Target Audience

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Target Audience

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  1. Target Audience Objective: Target working, married women age 18-54 who have at least one child and an income of $40,000 or higher. Rationale:This demographic consumes ready-to-eat cookies at a higher index than other consumer categories.

  2. Geographic • Objective: Use a national media plan with special emphasis in certain markets especially the “sweet 17” but also in the top fifty markets that don’t overlap among these 17 niche DMAs. • Rationale: The product distribution is now national and the top 50 markets have been highlighted as markets with the best potential sales. “Based on WBP primary research conducted in-house 3 years ago, the target profile in previous advertising campaigns was identified as follows: Adults age 18-34 living in top 50 metro markets”

  3. Scheduling/Time • Objective: Concentrate advertising November-March, flight June-August for all markets, including new ones. Rationale: “Sweet 17” markets’ sales drop well below a consumption index of 50 during these months. Flighting would be a good idea through May and September but new national markets should be exposed as much as possible. Indexes may not be the same for new markets but should be similar where the product can create a niche for itself.

  4. Reach/Frequency • Objective: Emphasize reach in the new markets to as large a percentage of the target as possible. Concentrate highest reach plans in the peak sales months (November-March) as indicated in scheduling objective. • Rationale: Peak sales months represent the best times to collect more consumers of the product since people seem more predisposed to buy the product during these periods. The highest reach levels should be achieved during these periods to increase the number of potential product users.

  5. Sales Promotion • Objective: Run taste sampling campaigns in the top fifty markets including those that overlap in the “sweet 17.” The sweepstakes should be advertised nationally September-November. May want to consider changing the month of the trip to May in the future to further boost sales in the top sales months preceding it. • Rationale: Taste sampling has increased trial purchases 15 to 20 percent in participating stores in the past, and the sweepstakes should be a enticing incentive to increase consumption in the months preceding the give-away, especially since November is one of the highest sales months.

  6. Media Budget Ad Budget : 3% of projected sales = $28,050,000 • Rationale: Expenditures are allocated by percent sales of each month with additional money taken from the flighted months that is again distributed to the months according to their percent sales. This ensures that months of higher ad concentration will get more money because these months have a generate a higher percentage of the sales volume.