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  2. BBFC CATEGORIES (BRITISH BOARD OF FILM CLASSIFICATION) There are 5 main film classification categories; U, PG, 12A, 15 and 18. U – Stands for universal which means that it’s suitable for anyone over 4. PG –Means ‘Parental Guidance’. So it is suitable for children however there could be scenes which may disturb them. 12A – It means that anyone under 12 can see the film as long as they are accompanied by a parent or guardian at the cinema. Also, it’s the adult’s decision on whether they let the child watch the film. 15 – Only those 15 and over can view this film. 18 – Only those 18 or over may view the film Information was supplied from but was not directly copied!

  3. My Film Classification The certificate for my film is going to be a 15. This is because my audience is going to be aged between 15 – 30. • RESTRICTIONS: • According to the BBFC ( , • I must not promote behaviour/language which discriminates. • I can show drugs as long it doesn’t encourage the viewers • I can show horror and violence as long as it’s not sexualised nor sadistic (like SAW for example) and doesn’t focus too much on pain or injury • Any sex/ nudity as long as there’s no strong detail The restrictions should not affect my film as I am doing a horror zombie film which will not contain sex/nudity or drugs. There will be violence and horror but it will not be sexualised in any way. Image from :

  4. Will like the horror genre Both Males and Females Will be aged from 15 - 25 My Target Audience Up to date with current technology i.e. Uses the internet, social media, Smartphone etc. Will be educated/ in education Will be active viewers i.e. Will have opinions on the film and will analyse it. Social i.e. Go to the cinema with friends.

  5. Primary/ Secondary Research There are two types of research; primary and secondary PRIMARY is when you go and get the research information from your potential target audience yourself through either questionnaires, surveys etc. SECONDARY is when the information you are researching that has already been investigated by someone else is collected through either published papers, internet reports etc. I will be doing both types of research towards my coursework. (used to give an idea of the definition but was not copied!)

  6. These statistics are from the UKFC (UK Film Council). They show what kind of people went to the cinema to see a certain genre. 32% of the GB population enjoy watching horror

  7. 36% of males and 44% of females under 35 years of age enjoy horror. These are the people that are my target audience.