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Target Audience

Target Audience

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Target Audience

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  1. Target Audience The Beat Magazine

  2. Determining my target audience… • To determine who the target audience for my magazine would be, I first looked at other magazines that had features that I hoped to include in my own and then researched further into these magazines, annotating parts and how this related to the audience. • The three magazine I researched into were: Billboard, NME and Top of the Pops. This gave me a variety of different genre, music magazines to compare my own magazine with, determining what my target audience would be.

  3. Billboard magazine This ‘Billboard’ magazine looks like it may be for a teen to young adult target audience. This is because, compared to a magazine for young children, there isn’t many colours and they have stuck to a strict colour scheme. This makes the magazine appear to be for this target audience because the colours will attract their attention without being too much. The artist on the front, Bruno Mars, is also widely recognised and so the magazine is more likely to be bought.

  4. Top of the Pops magazine By looking at a ‘Top of the Pops’ magazine, it automatically seems to be for younger audience and, more specifically, gendered for girls. This is further backed up by the use of the bright colours of orange and yellow, which will attract the audience, making them want to buy it. The magazine also has a main image of Taylor Swift, who is likely to be recognised by a younger audience. There are a lot of captions all over the page, some not on a straight line, which allows for a younger audience to not lose interest in the magazine too quickly, keeping them occupied and making it more interesting. The magazine has a lot of extra pictures on the front, keeping the audience excited for what the pictures will relate to inside.

  5. NME Magazine This ‘NME’ magazine gives the impression that the target audience would be older. This is because the masthead and strapline have a more blocked text with not so many bright colours, mainly sticking to the colour theme of black, red and yellow. Also, by having Lily Allen on the front, it would be out of the ordinary for younger children to want to buy this magazine, as they are unlikely to have listened to her music. The front cover doesn’t have many titles on it and they would only appeal to a specific market as not everyone enjoys the music promoted by NME magazine.

  6. My target audience • By looking at these three magazines, I found that my magazine was most like Billboard Magazine . This means that my target audience would be: • Teens and young adults (16-25) • Male and female • Enjoy pop music I found that NME was targeted for a specific type of person, as it doesn’t cater for all music tastes, and Top of the Pops was for a much younger audience because there was a lot of bright colour.