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Target Audience PowerPoint Presentation
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Target Audience

Target Audience

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Target Audience

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  1. Target Audience



  4. Audience Persona • Age • Education • Gender (split) • Ethnicity • Size of the target audience • Attitudes • Values • Interests • Worries • Current behaviors • What is important to this target audience member? • Benefits of the current behavior • Benefits to trigger the new behavior? • Barriers • Motivational levers for behavior change? Take a few minutes and create your audience persona

  5. Benefits Exchange – the compelling value proposition

  6. Benefits Exchange Where do you get the data to create your Benefits Exchange? 5. What does your target audience perceive as the benefit(s) in carrying out the new behaviors? 4. What does your target audience perceive as the barrier(s) to taking on the new behavior(s)?

  7. Now develop your team’s Benefits Exchange

  8. The Pride Marketing Mix is a Strategy -built from five component strategies price One Each product promotion place positioning

  9. Product / Behavior

  10. Price

  11. Price This “P” must speak to all the barriers as identified by your target audience: • Tangible Barriers – Financial, Political, Enforcement, Technical, Physical • But also what often can be as large: Social and Emotional Barriers BR often speaks to the tangible, SM addresses the social & emotional, but your Price strategy must address all that are perceived by TA

  12. Barrier Removal • Revisit your list of Barriers • What changed, what is not addressed by your BR strategy that has to be addressed by Marketing Mix

  13. Barrier Removal is Reducing the Price

  14. Where, and when can you offer the exchange to your target audience How do you maximize impact of your message by targeting how it is delivered Place

  15. At Rare we add a 5th PPositioning How the Target Audience sees the new behavior in relation to the old.

  16. Positioning Positioning in a Pride campaign is also often dependent in a major way on community mobilization • Pride • Support of the behavior change • Making the old behavior less socially acceptable • Making the behavior more sustainable Community Mobilization can make a powerful positioning statement

  17. Its time to build the Mix – blending all 5 Ps positioning product place promotion price

  18. Marketing Mix “I believe the genius of modern marketing is not the 4P’s, or audience research, or even exchange, but rather the management paradigm that studies, selects, balances and manipulates the 4P’s to achieve behavior change. We keep shortening the “the marketing mix” to the 4P’s. And I would argue that it is the “mix” that matters most.” This is exactly what all message campaigns miss – they never ask about the other 3P’s and that is why so many of them fail. Dr. Bill Smith

  19. Now it is time to develop your Marketing Mix First – Think about your audience persona and your benefits exchange Second – Develop a sub-strategy for each “P” Third – Blend the five sub-strategies into a single strategy or “Mix”

  20. Put your questions on half-sheets as you work • Checklists and worksheets behind YELLOW sheets • Products behind BLUE sheets • Barriers Worksheet TAB 2 Worksheet and Checklist • Audience Persona TAB 5 • Audience Persona – Worksheet and Checklist TAB 5 • Benefits Exchange – TAB 5 • Benefits Exchange TAB 5 Checklist • Marketing Mix worksheet TAB 6 Checklist, Worksheet • Marketing Mix Certification Packet