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Poetry Unit PowerPoint Presentation
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Poetry Unit

Poetry Unit

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Poetry Unit

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  1. Poetry Unit PowerPoint, Definitions, Examples & Student Booklet

  2. Poetry Defined Poetry is a form of literary art in which language is an imaginative awareness of experience expressedthroughmeaning, sound, and rhythmic language choices so as to evoke an emotional response. La-Nette Mark 2014

  3. Poetry Poetry may be written independently, as discrete poems, or may occur in conjunction with other arts, as in poetic drama, hymns, or lyrics. La-Nette Mark 2014

  4. Acrostic Poems! Poems in which the first letter of each line is spelled vertically and the vertical word is the subject of the poem. Each line describes the subject word. La-Nette Mark 2014

  5. Acrostic Example! S C H O O L tudy hallenging omework bservations beytheteacher earning La-Nette Mark 2014

  6. Now it is time for you to develop an acrostic poem. La-Nette Mark 2014

  7. Limerick Poems! Humorous poems that have five lines The last words of lines one, two, and five rhyme. The last words of lines three and four rhyme. La-Nette Mark 2014

  8. Limerick Example! There once was boy named Blair Who was told to dye his hair So he dyed it green The kids were so mean They say he looked like a pear. La-Nette Mark 2014

  9. Now it is time for you to develop a limerick poem. La-Nette Mark 2014

  10. Rhyming Poems! Poems in which the last word of every line, or every other line, rhyme. La-Nette Mark 2014

  11. Rhyming Example! Spring is in the air I’m glad to play outside I run and jump without a care And love to go and hide. La-Nette Mark 2014

  12. Now it is time for you to develop a rhyming poem. La-Nette Mark 2014

  13. Couplet Poems! Poems with a pair of lines that rhyme. A couplet may be a poem in itself or part of a larger poem. La-Nette Mark 2014

  14. Couplet Example! The sun is shining oh so bright It is making a beautiful light. La-Nette Mark 2014

  15. Now it is time for you to develop a couplet. La-Nette Mark 2014

  16. Haiku Poems! Unrhymed three-line poemsLine 1: 5 syllables Line 2: 7 syllables Line 3: 5 syllables La-Nette Mark 2014

  17. Haiku Poems! Most often, haiku poems are about seasons or nature. La-Nette Mark 2014

  18. Haiku Example! Example 1: Waking up to chirps Birds singing in the morning Beautiful bird songs Example 2: The evening sun sets Brilliant colors glimmering Beautiful sunsets

  19. Now it is time for you to develop a haiku poem. La-Nette Mark 2014

  20. Quatrain Poems! A four-line poem La-Nette Mark 2014

  21. Quatrain Example! There is nothing quite so peaceful, As the sound of gentle rain, Pitter-pitter-patting Against my window pane. La-Nette Mark 2014

  22. Quatrain Example! There once was a girl named Faye She would always be alone The kids asked her to play She said, “Yes” in a very loud tone. La-Nette Mark 2014

  23. Now it is time for you to develop a quatrain poem. La-Nette Mark 2014

  24. Cinquain Poems! An unrhymed poem made up of five lines. Each line of the poem has specific rules. La-Nette Mark 2014

  25. Cinquain Poems! Rules for each line Line 1 – Title (1 word) Line 2 – Description (2 words) Line 3 – Action (3 words) Line 4 – Feeling (4 words) Line 5 – Synonym for title (1 word)

  26. Cinquain Example! Butterflies Beautiful creatures Flying, landing, fluttering Peaceful array of colors Insect La-Nette Mark 2014

  27. Now it is time for you to try to develop a cinquain poem. La-Nette Mark 2014

  28. Concrete Poems! Apoem that takes the shape of the topic or subject. For example, a poem about a snowman would be in the shape of a snowman. La-Nette Mark 2014


  30. Now it is time for you to develop a concrete poem. La-Nette Mark 2014

  31. Diamante Poems! A poem that is made up of seven lines. The text forms the shape of a diamond (◊). La-Nette Mark 2014

  32. Diamante Poems! The poem can be used in two ways, either comparing and contrasting two different subjects, or naming synonyms and antonyms for another subject. La-Nette Mark 2014

  33. Diamante Poems! Line 1 – Noun (1 word) Line 2 – 2 Adjectives Line 3 – 3 words ending in “ing” Line 4 – Nouns (2 words subject) 2 words other subject The lines then are put in reverse, leading to and relating to either a second subject or a synonym for the first. La-Nette Mark 2014

  34. Diamante Example! Kitten cute, cuddly hissing, licking, pawing purr, meow; bark, growl running, chasing, biting fluffy, furry puppies La-Nette Mark 2014

  35. Now it is time for you to develop a diamante poem. La-Nette Mark 2014