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Unit Six

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Unit Six

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  1. Unit Six Grade Seven

  2. 1. anonymous (adj) unnamed, without the name of the person involved; unknown, lacking individuality or character syn: (adj) nameless Ex. The writing was anonymous.

  3. 2. browse (v) to nibble, graze; to read casually; to window-shop syn: skim, scan, dip into graze ant: pore over, scrutinize Ex. While I was in the waiting room at the doctor’s office, I browsed through a magazine.

  4. 3. dupe (n) a person easily tricked or deceived (v) to deceive syn: (v) fool, mislead, hoodwink, delude ant: (v) undeceive, disabuse Ex. The young child was easily duped by her older cousins.

  5. 4. dynamic (adj) active, energetic, forceful syn: vigorous, high-powered ant: lazy, lackadaisical, lethargic, sluggish Ex. Her speaking was dynamic and motivated the crowd.

  6. 5. eradicate (v) to root out, get rid of, destroy completely syn: wipe out, uproot ant: implant, instill, foster, promote Ex. The vaccine will eradicate the disease.

  7. 6. frustrate (v) to prevent from accomplishing a purpose or fulfilling a desire; to cause feelings of discouragement syn: thwart, foil, baffle, disappoint ant: help, assist, abet Ex. The traitor frustrated the secret plans by revealing them to the enemy.

  8. 7. grim (adj) stern, merciless; fierce, savage, cruel syn: dreadful, frightful, ferocious ant: mild, merciful, delightful Ex. The girl’s face was grim when she saw that the fire had destroyed all of her possessions.

  9. 8. inimitable (adj)not capable of being copied or imitated syn: matchless, incomparable, unique Ex. Apparently Elvis was not inimitable. There are many successful impersonators.

  10. 9. makeshift (n) a temporary substitute for something else (adj) crude, flimsy, temporary syn: (n) stopgap, substitute ant: (adj) permanent, durable, solid,sturdy Ex. The travelers built a makeshift tent to protect themselves from the sun.

  11. 10. marginal (adj) in, at, or near the edge or margin; only barely good, large, or important enough for the purpose syn: borderline, minimal, peripheral ant: central, pivotal, focal Ex. He had marginal grades, but they were not exceptional enough to earn him a scholarship.

  12. 11. pending (adj) waiting to be settled (prep) until syn: (adj) undecided, unsettled ant: (adj) settled, decided, resolved Ex. The patent was pending but not yet approved.

  13. 12. prescribe (v) to order as a rule or course to be followed; to order for medical purposes syn: specify, appoint, recommend Ex. The prescribed fitness plan included a healthy diet and daily exercise.

  14. 13. preview (n) something seen in advance (v) to view beforehand syn: (n) foretaste Ex. The movie preview made me want to see the film when it comes out.

  15. 14. prominent (adj) standing out so as to be easily seen; important, well-known syn: conspicuous, noticeable ant: inconspicuous, unnoticeable, obscure Ex. The movie star was prominent and rarely had any privacy.

  16. 15.quaint (adj) odd or old-fashioned in a pleasing way; clever, ingenious; skillfully made syn: picturesque, peculiar, strange, curious ant: familiar, commonplace, modern, contemporary Ex. The rocking chair made from twigs of varying widths and lengths was quaint.

  17. 16. reluctant (adj) unwilling, holding back syn: hesitant, loath, disinclined ant: willing, eager, inclined Ex. The girl was reluctant to admit that the ringing cell phone was hers. She knew she would be in trouble if she admitted it.

  18. 17. scrimp (v) to handle very economically or stingily; to supply in a way that is small, short, or scanty syn: economize ant: splurge Ex. I had to scrimp on the ingredients for the salad since I had not had time to grocery shop.

  19. 18. snare (v) to trap, catch (n) a trap or entanglement syn: (n) pitfall (v) entrap ant: liberate Ex. The bug was snared in the spider web.

  20. 19.utmost (adj) greatest, highest, farthest (n) the extreme limit syn: (adj and n) maximum, supreme, best ant: least Ex. Her Nobel Prize in Literature gained her the utmost respect from other writers.

  21. 20. vengeance (n) punishment in return for an injury or wrong; unusual force or violence syn: revenge, retaliation, reprisal ant: forgiveness, pardon Ex. The mob was notorious for its acts of vengeance.