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Unit Six PowerPoint Presentation

Unit Six

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Unit Six

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  1. Unit Six Landing & Arrivals

  2. Content • Part 1 Reading • Part 2 Dialogues • Part 3 Role Play • Part 4 Supplementary Materials

  3. Part 1 Reading • Step 1 Basic information about landing and arrivals • Step 2 New words and useful expressions • Step3 Group discussion

  4. Step 1 Landing & Arrivals I. Disembarkation card & C.I.Q. forms Another task for cabin attendants during a flight is to hand out disembarkation cards and C. I. Q. forms to “foreign national” passengers before the aircraft lands at its destination.

  5. I. Disembarkation card & C.I.Q. forms • Disembarkation/embarkation card sample

  6. I. Disembarkation card & C.I.Q. forms • Content of Disembarkation card The card will ask for lots of information about the passenger such as full name, sex, date of birth, nationality, passport and visa numbers and finally the nature of the visit.

  7. I. Disembarkation card & C.I.Q. forms • Customs declaration form Customs declaration form will ask for information for instance: (1) whether the passenger is bringing into the country any items such as livestock, plants, meat and birds; (2) whether they have any currency over the permitted allowance; (3) the total value of goods purchased in the country of departure.

  8. II. Cabin Preparations for Landing • After the Captain switches on the seatbelt sign, the CA’s will make an announcement to say that the aircraft will be landing shortly. All passengers must return to their seats, fasten their seatbelts and place their seats and tables in the upright position. • The CA’s should check and make sure that all the food, drink, and duty free carts have been stowed away in the galley area, all the latches for each locker fastened, and all the overhead compartments securely closed.

  9. II. Cabin Preparations for Landing • With all the above completed and with the aircraft just minutes away from landing, there is usually enough time for one final announcement asking passengers to remain in their seats until the aircraft has come to a complete halt. • With the Captain’s announcement, “Flight attendants must now be seated for landing”, the cabin crew should take up their positions and strap themselves into their jump seats and tighten the harness.

  10. III. Disembarkation • After the aircraft comes to a complete standstill, the Captain orders the CA’s to “disarm the doors” or “doors to manual”. Designated CA’s will lift the plastic hatch, move the lever to “Manual”, and report “5 Right, door disarmed. 5 Left, door disarmed” by using interphones.

  11. III. Disembarkation • It’s now time for the passengers to disembark. The cabin crew position themselves at all the passenger exit doors and say “thank you and goodbye” to all the passengers. • Usually VIP, passengers in First class and Business class and special passengers will disembark first.

  12. IV. Preparations for New Passengers If the aircraft is on a turn around, then the CA’s have to check the cabin prior to the next flight. • Every seat position is individually checked for passenger safety cards, sick bags and in-flight magazines. • The seatbelts are checked and the straps are neatly positioned by crossing over the straps on the seats in readiness for the next passenger. • Food and drink is replenished as well as duty-free goods and the cabin and lavatory areas are cleaned throughout.

  13. IV. Preparations for New Passengers If the aircraft is staying at its destination for a while, usually the cabin attendants will just check the cabin to see if any of the passengers has left any possessions behind.

  14. Step 2 Words and Expressions • disembarkation card 入境卡 • stop over 中途停顿 • galley area 机上厨房区 • seat-recliner 座位倾斜把手 • armrest 扶手 • charter 包机 • divert 转场飞行 • intercom (飞机等的)内部通话系统 • standstill 停止 • replenish 补充 • registration 登记

  15. Step3 Group Discussion • Requirements: Students are required to read the text quickly and discuss with group mates to find the correct answers to the following questions. The performance of the group members will be credited.

  16. Questions: • What should a CA do before aircraft landing? • What should a CA do after aircraft landing? • Can CA’s have a rest after all passengers have disembarked? • Who can disembark first? • What should be done before the new passengers embark? • What is the content of the disembarkation card?

  17. Part 2 Dialogues • Situation 1 Handing out the Forms • Situation 2 Just Before Landing • Situation 3 Attending an Unaccompanied Child • Situation 4 Going to the Lavatory During Landing

  18. Situation 1Handing out the Forms • Excuse me, sir. Would you please fill out these forms before we land? • Just place these forms inside your passport. You’ll need them when you go through Immigration, Customs and Quarantine. • There is just enough time to fill out the forms before we land. • Sir, all taxable items must be listed. Otherwise, you may be liable to pay a heavy fine.

  19. Situation 2Just Before Landing ----the passenger’s ears feel funny: • It’s just because of the change in air pressure. If you hold your nose and blow or just open and shut your mouth repeatedly, it will help. Also, you can try chewing some gum or a sweet.

  20. Situation 3 Attending an Unaccompanied Child ----explain the function of different buttons • This one is the seat-recliner button. If you push the button, the seat of your chair slides out and the back reclines so that you can relax and be comfortable. But for take-off and landing the seat must be in an upright position. • It is the call button. If you need anything, just push that button which turns on a light near where we work and we’ll come to see what you need. • This button turns on your overhead light.

  21. Situation 3 Attending an Unaccompanied Child ----explain the function of the plugs • The one on the end is the headphone plug. If you want to listen to music or see a movie, we’ll give you a plastic headset with little plugs that go into your ears and a plug that goes into his hole. Then you press this button up or down and then you select the music you want.

  22. Situation 4 Going to Lavatory During Landing • Excuse me, sir, can you please return to your seat as we will be landing shortly. • Sir, you must return to your seat at once. • I’m sorry, sir, but you must remain in your seat until the plane comes to a halt. • Sir, you must remain in your seat and fasten your seat belt and stay there until the plane comes to a complete halt.

  23. Part 3 Role Play • Group work: Students are required to divided into small groups and perform the role-play based on the following topics. Credits will be granted according to the performance of each group.

  24. Part 3 Role Play • Topics: 1. Handing out forms 2. Just before landing 3. Answering questions about the landing times 4. Requiring the customers to fasten the seatbelt

  25. Part 4 Supplementary Materials • 飞机降落前提醒乘客系好安全带: Our plane is ready to land now. For the sake of safety, please stay in your seat and keep your seat belt fastened. • 当乘客问飞机何时落地时: We have received orders to circle over Beijing Capital Airport. We estimate that the plane will be on the ground in about ten minutes. We’ll arrive at Kennedy International Airport in ten minutes. The local time is 8:10 p.m. There’s a strong head wind en route. Our arrival time will be delayed. The new arrival time will be 11:25 a.m.

  26. Part 4 Supplementary Materials • 临时广播通知备降: Due to heavy rain in Wuhan area, we regret to inform you that we’re going to land at Luoyang Airport and perhaps have to stay overnight there. After landing, please take your belongings with you when you disembark. We have to divert to Luoyang Airport due to heavy rain in the Wuhan area. • 当初次乘坐飞机的乘客感到耳朵痛时: If you hold your nose and blow or just open and shut your mouth, it’ll help. You feel pains in your ears because of a change in air pressure. You can relieve it by chewing a gum.

  27. Part 4 Supplementary Materials • 到达目的地前,让乘客填写各种入境表格时: In order to speed up the arrival formalities in the destination airport, you’re requested to fill in the forms of the Customs, Immigration and Quarantine before landing. Please don’t hesitate to call us if you have any questions or difficulties in filling out these forms. We shall be more than happy to assist. • 让乘客填写海关申报单时: All taxable items must be listed. Those which are not found on the declaration form may subject the owner to heavy fines.