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Unit Six PowerPoint Presentation

Unit Six

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Unit Six

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  1. Unit Six Yichang City

  2. Yichang City Binjiang Park Yiling Square and Children’s Garden The Moji Hill The World Peace Park

  3. In the west of Hubei Province, at the conjunctional area of the upper stream and middle stream of the Yangtze River, and by the riverside of the world renowned Yangtze Three Gorges, there is a beautiful rich land named “Yichang”, which is also glorified as “the pearl of the Three Gorges, the world city of hydropower”.

  4. It governs five counties, three county-level cities and five urban districts, with a total population of 4,158,000 , covering the area about 21,000 spuare kilometres, 49% of its land is covered by forest, Yichang is an excellent tour city in China and also the location of the Three Gorges Project.

  5. Yichang, named “Yiling” in ancient China, enjoys a rich history of 2300 years. About 200 thousand years ago, “the Changyang Man” was living here, the historical recordation of Yichang was up to 2281 years ago. Yichang, a land not only long in the history, but also rich in the culture, is the birth place of the Bachu Culture. Here lived the famous poet of 2000 years ago ---Qu Yuan, one of the ancient Chinese four beauties ----Wang Zhaojun. Many other literati in the past dynasties, such as Li Bai, Du Fu and Bai Juyi, also visited here, countless poems and lyrics left after their trip added precious cultural treasure to Yichang.

  6. Yichang is rich in various natural resources, it has exclusive(独占的,唯一的) rich hydropower resources, rich mineral resources., diversity(差异,多样性)of biology species(种类)and rich tourism resources. The mixture of the natural Yangtze Three Gorges and the man-made Three Gorges Dam have played an important role in the tourism in China and abroad. Now Yichang is on the way to the international hydropower Tourism City. back to main page

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  8. 三峡门户---宜昌市 back

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  10. Translation: 宜昌欢迎你 宜 昌 城 在湖北省西部,长江中上游结合处,闻名中外的长江三峡西陵峡畔,有一块美丽富饶的土地,她就是被人们誉为“三峡明珠,世界电都”的宜昌市,宜昌市共辖五县三市五区,总人口415万人,面积2.1平方公里,森林覆盖率达49%,它是中国优秀旅游城市,三峡工程所在地.。

  11. 宜昌,古称夷陵。距今约20万年前,清江流域就有“长阳人”在活动,有文字可考的历史就达2300年,宜昌不仅历史悠久,而且文化丰厚,它是巴楚文化发祥地,世界四大文化名人屈原、民族和亲使者王昭君的故里,历代著名文人诸如李白、杜甫、白居易等曾经浏览于此,陶醉西陵风光所写下的诗文为宜昌增添了宝贵的文化财富.。 宜昌物华天宝,水能资源丰富;矿产资源富集;生物资源多样;旅游资源独特。以长江三峡为代表的自然风光和以三峡水利枢纽工程为代表的人文景观奠定了宜昌在全国和国际旅游中的重要地位。宜昌正向世界水电旅游名城迈进。 back to main page

  12. Passage 1 Binjiang Park The Binjiang Park was built in 1984, it lies on the Yangtze River from the Nine Dock in the east to Zhenjiang Pavilion in the west, 3.8 km in length and 60 meters in width, covering 17 hectares within which 12.5 hectares are Greenland, it’s the largest public greenland in our city center. The long narrow Greenland crosses through the park, like a colorful ribbon edging around the city and a gallery at the end of the street, so it is called “the first park of the Yangtze River”.

  13. After twenty years of building, there are seven scenes in the Binjiang Park: Zhenjiang Pavilion, the statue of Quyuan, Twin–pavilion Park, Nanxie Bonsai Garden, Yima Road Scene, Shengli 4 Road Scene and the World Peace Garden. Tour ships in the Yangtze River go through Yichang, The Binjiang Park is what their eyes must reach, which makes them think of the outer beach in Yichang.

  14. The ancient building in the Binjiang Park is the Zhenjiang Pavilion,which is honored as the fourth ancient Pavilion in China, it was originally built in Kang Xi 38 years and was reproduced in the 80s twenty centuries. There are 4 stories in the 26.26-meter-high building . Standing and looking into the distance, the scenes of the Gezhou Dam and the city are well displayed.

  15. The white marble carved statue of Quyuan is setting off in the trees beside the Zhenjiang Pavilion, who is facing the river straightforwardly, making you full of respect and feel the atmosphere of the art and patriotism. Twin-pavilion square is right above the gate of the Binjiang Park,

  16. which is named by the two eight-corner glass pavilions on both east and west sides. There are two pieces of green lands covering 1.9 thousand square meters and 1.5 thousand square metres on each side of the square, together with many public leisure facilities and a healthcare zone, it holds the largest amount of the tourists. Next to the east of Twin-pavilion is Nanxie Bonsai Garden, which is the largest bonsai garden in the Three Gorges region, covering 13.5 thousand square meters,

  17. including 3,145 square meters of water space, there often display various of Yichang mountain stone potted landscopes. Yima Road Scene beside Nanxie was rebuilt in 1995, covering 12 thousand square metres of lawn, just like a large stereoscopical bonsai with some statue in it , which harmonizes with Nanxie bonsai garden. To the east more you will come to Shengli 4 Road Scene, which covers 16 thousand square metres.

  18. Binjiang Park back

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  20. It is its character that the flowers blossom all the time, people adorn the garden with some big funny stone, forming the green art space that people get along well with the nature. The east head to the Binjiang Park is the World Peace Garden situated on the east side of the north head of the Yiling Yangtze Bridge, it’s about 458 meters long and 47 metres wide. A flying peace pigeon was set as the background of the garden. In the center, a pattern of the world map was drawn by various flowers and fruticose, expressing Yichang people’s dream for world peace and better life.

  21. Nanxie Bonsai Garden back

  22. The Binjiang Park is receiving the citizen’s love on account of its special location, beautiful environment and excellent management, it is people’s favourite place for leisure, healthcare and tour.

  23. Notes: 1. is honored as : 被誉为,被动语态 2. Setting off in the tree----- : 倒装句,为了避免句子头重脚轻 3. full of respect : 形容词短语作宾语补足语 4. It is its character that the flowers -----:It作形式主语,句子真正的主语为后面的that从句 5. situated on ----- Bridge : 过去分词短语作定语,修饰前面的garden New Words: pavilion n. 亭子,楼阁ribben n.缎带,丝带 straightforwardly adv. 坦率地Stereoscopical a. 立体的 harmonize v. 协调,相称

  24. Exercises: I. Decide the statements true or false: 1. There are seven scenes in Binjing Park, the Moji Hill is one of them.( ) 2. Binjing Park is called “ the first park of the Yangtze River.( ) 3. Binjing Park has thirty years of history.( ) 4. Nanxie Bonsai Garden is the largest bonsai garden in China.( ) 5. A flying peace pigeon is the signal of the World Peace Garden.( ) key

  25. II. Multiple Choices: 1. The Binjiang Park lies _____. A. in the Yangtze River. B. on the Yangtze River. C. in the city center of Yichang. D. Under the Yiling Yangtze River. 2. The ancient building in the Binjing Park is ______. A. the statue of Quyuan. B. Zhenjiang Pavilion. C. Twin-pavilion Sqrare. D. Nanxie Bonsai Garden. key

  26. 3. A pattern of the world map appears in _____. A. Twin-pavilion Square. B. Yima Road Scene C. World Peace Park. D. Children’s Park 4. Which of the following accounts hasn’t been mentioned in the passage? A. People can take the bus No. 1 to go to the Binjiang Park. B. People regard the Binjiang Park as the outer beach in Yichang. key

  27. C. Zhenjiang Pavilion is a four-storoybuilding. D. There are seven scenes in the Binjiang Park. 5. Which one of the following about the Binjiang Park is wrong? A. The Binjiang Park belongs to the World Peace Park B. The world Peace Peace Park belongs to the Binjiang Park. C. The Binjiang Park in the first park of the Yangtze River. D. The Binjiang Park was built in 1984. key

  28. 万里长江第一园 Translation: --滨江公园 宜昌市滨江公园始建于1984年4月,它横卧在长江之畔,东起宜昌九码头,西至镇江阁,全长3.8公里,平均宽60米,占地面积17公顷,其中绿地面积12.5公顷,是我市中心城区最大的公共绿地,狭长的公园绿化园地,恰似镶在市区的一幅彩带,宛如一座街头画廊,被誉为“万里长江第一园”。

  29. 经过近二十年的建设,滨江公园现建有七大景点:镇江阁、屈原雕塑、双亭公园、南榭盆景园、一马路景点、胜利四路景点以及世界和平公园。外地游轮途经宜昌,滨江公园尽收眼底,此情此景犹如上海的外滩。经过近二十年的建设,滨江公园现建有七大景点:镇江阁、屈原雕塑、双亭公园、南榭盆景园、一马路景点、胜利四路景点以及世界和平公园。外地游轮途经宜昌,滨江公园尽收眼底,此情此景犹如上海的外滩。 镇江阁为滨江公园的一座仿古建筑物,有天下第四楼之称,始建于康熙38年,现为二十世纪八十年代重建,阁分四层,高26.29米,登阁远眺,葛洲坝和市区美景历历在目。镇江阁旁掩眏在丛林之中的汉白玉雕像是古代爱国诗人屈原,他面对大江,正气凛然,让人肃然起敬,同时感受到爱国主义教育和艺术熏陶。双亭广场位于滨江公园正门,因东西两侧临江而立的两座八角琉璃亭而得名,广场两边是占地约占1.9万平方米和1.5万平方米的两块绿地,景区内安装有公共休闲设施和健身区,是游客量最集中的地方。

  30. 紧靠双亭广场东侧的南榭盆景园是三峡地区最大的盆景园,占地面积1.35万平方米,其中水面3145平方米,园内常年展现风姿各异的宜昌山石树桩盆景。紧邻南榭盆景园东侧的一马路景区于1995年改造完成,该景区植有1.2万平方米的草皮,雕塑点缀其中犹如一大型立体盆景与南榭盆景园相呼应。再往东行就到了胜利四路景区,该景区占地1.6万平方米,四季鲜花绚丽是其特征,几个大型怪石点缀其中,形成了人与自然和睦共处的绿色艺术空间。滨江公园最东端为地处夷陵长江大桥北桥头东侧的世界和平公园,长458米,宽47米,以一只展翅飞翔的和平鸽为背景,中心由各种花卉和灌木组成五大洲世界地图图案,表达了宜昌人民热爱和平、向往美好生活的良好愿望。紧靠双亭广场东侧的南榭盆景园是三峡地区最大的盆景园,占地面积1.35万平方米,其中水面3145平方米,园内常年展现风姿各异的宜昌山石树桩盆景。紧邻南榭盆景园东侧的一马路景区于1995年改造完成,该景区植有1.2万平方米的草皮,雕塑点缀其中犹如一大型立体盆景与南榭盆景园相呼应。再往东行就到了胜利四路景区,该景区占地1.6万平方米,四季鲜花绚丽是其特征,几个大型怪石点缀其中,形成了人与自然和睦共处的绿色艺术空间。滨江公园最东端为地处夷陵长江大桥北桥头东侧的世界和平公园,长458米,宽47米,以一只展翅飞翔的和平鸽为背景,中心由各种花卉和灌木组成五大洲世界地图图案,表达了宜昌人民热爱和平、向往美好生活的良好愿望。 滨江公园因其特殊的地理位置、优美的环境、一流的管理,博得了宜昌市民的青睐,是人们休闲、健身、游玩的首选之地。 back to main page

  31. Passage 2 Yiling Square and Children’s Garden

  32. The Yiling Square lies in the city center of Yichang, which came from the ancient call of Yichang, expressing the inner meaning of histories and cultures as well as regional characters. The square covers the land of about 55.2 thousand square meters including 32 thousand square meters of lawn, it is the largest green square with multi functions including leisure, recreation and physical exercises, which was completed and opened to the public on November 3, 1997., just several days before the damming of the Yangtze River of the Three Gorges Project.

  33. The Yiling Square is designed to open to the public with the theme of green, the character of night viewing, and the key function of green environment, 825 lamps and lights, a set of music fountains system were equiped and 15 flower parterres were built in the square, whose green coverage is over 57.97%. In the Yiling Square today, the grass is always green, the flowers always blossom, the lights are always shining, and the ground is always clean,

  34. which give people tremendous mental enjoyment. The square is called the big living room of Yichang city and the family park for all the citizens. Opposite to the south of the Yiling Square is the Children’s Park, it was built in 1956, originally named the Xiling Park, it was renamed as the Children’s Park in 1986. The former president of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, Mrs. Deng Yingchao wrote the name.

  35. The Children’s Park lies in the city center, it is honored as the “lung” of the city. The park covers the land of about 200 hectares including more than 18 hectares of water,the green coverage of which is over 86.26%. there are more than 3903 big trees and 9873 square meters of lawn in the park, the flowers blossom all the seasons, the major scenes in the park are some entertainment facilities for children, such as the Traffic Recreations, the Lotus Lake, the Lake Pavilion, the mini Great Wall, Children’s Paradise and the Zoo.

  36. Yiling Square back

  37. 广场上载歌载舞的外国友人 back

  38. Children’s Park back

  39. In 2001, the government returned the green to the public, there was no need of tickets any more for entering the Children’s Park, which greatly meets the needs of people’s life for leisure and entertainment. Whenever you enter the Children’s Park now, what reaches your eyes is the happy sea made up of people and scenes. 儿童 公园

  40. Notes: 1. which:关系代词引导非限制性定语从句,修饰前句中的“the Yiling Square” 2. expressing ------: 分词短语作状语,表伴随,分词逻辑上的主语为句子的主语“the Yiling Square” 3. opposite to the ------:倒装句,强调部分放在句首,正常语序应为:Children’s Park is opposite to the south of the Yiling Square 4. which :关系代词引导非限制性定语从句,修饰前面的整个句子 5. made up of people and scenes : 过去分词短语作定语,修饰前面的名词sea,相当于定语从句省掉了that is New words: parterre n. 花坛,花圃blossom n.花 v.开花,兴旺 Hectare n. 公顷facility n.设施,工具 Paradise n. 乐园,福地

  41. Exercises: I. Answer the questions: 1. When was the Yiling Square completed and opened to the public? 2. What do people call the Yiling Square? 3. Do you need any tickets when you enter the Children’s Park? 4. Who wrote the name of the Children’ Park? 5. List some famous scenes in the Children’ Park. key

  42. II. Decide the statements true or false: 1. The Children’s Park was completed on November 3.1997. ( ) 2. The Yiling Square is called the big living room of Yichang City. ( ) 3. The Yiling Square is opposite to the Children’s Park. ( ) 4. People must buy tickets to enter the Yiling Square. ( ) 5. The Children’ Park is much older than the Yiling Square. ( ) key

  43. Translation: 夷陵广场和儿童公园 夷陵广场位于宜昌市城区繁华的市中心,其得名于宜昌市的古称“夷陵”二字,体现了宜昌历史文化内涵和地域特色。广场占地面积5.52万平方米,其中草坪面积3.2万平方米,是宜昌市目前最大的集休闲、娱乐和锻炼于一体的绿化广场,于1997年11月3日三峡工程截流前夕建成开放。 广场采用全开放式设计,突出以绿化为主题、夜景为特色、净化环境为重点,设置各色灯具852盏、音乐喷泉一套、花坛15个,绿化率达57.97%,现在的夷陵广场,草绿、花鲜、灯明、路净,给人于极大的精神享受,被喻为宜昌市的“大客厅”和市民的“家园”。

  44. 同夷陵广场隔街相望的是儿童公园,始建于1956年,原名西陵公园,1986年更名为儿童公园,由原全国政协主席邓颖超同志亲笔题写园名。儿童公园地处城区中心,素有“城市之肺”的美誉。全园占地面积200余亩,其中水域面积18亩,绿化覆盖率达86.26%以上,园内3903棵树,9873平方米的草坪,四季花香,园内主要景点有寓教于乐的交通游艺场、碧波荡漾的荷花池、风韵古典的湖心亭、巧工筑就的山海关及儿童乐园、动物园等。 2001年,市政府为还绿于民,儿童公园对市民实行免费开放,此举极大地满足了广大市民休闲娱乐的生活需要,无论何时你步入儿童公园,印入你眼帘的都是一片由人和景组成的欢乐的海洋。 back to main page

  45. Passage 3 Passage 3 The Moji Hill

  46. The conic mountain on the other side of the Yangtze River to the Binjiang Park is the Moji Hill Forest Park, it lies in the south of Yichang city, and is a provincial one. With the completion of the Yiling Yangtze Bridge and the appearance of bus No.27 and 28 to the Hill, the Moji Hill Forest Park is attracting people’s attention in view of its good geographical location, splendid natural environment and convenient water-land traffic.

  47. The Moji Hill is about 133 hectares, 90% of its land is covered by forest, it’s one of the eight ancient Yiling views with the beautiful river and mountains around, The highest hill is the Moji hill whose height is 217 meters, which is the peak of all the mountains in Yichang city. The government adopts the strategy of “Tree the hill, and forest the city” and transplants thousands of precious big trees from Sichuan and archaizes mountain garden buildings, leisure entertaining park,

  48. high sight view stage and riverside pavement, making the Moji hill turn into “City Forest Park”. When standing on the Moji Hill, you can see the beautiful landscape and a panoramic view. We can look out upon the beautiful city of Yichang in the north, the great Yangtze River and the Yiling Yangtze Bridge in the east, the Gezhou Dam and the Three Gorges mountain range in the west and the landscape of the suburb in the south. Now your step into the Moji hill is your step into the park, the step into the forest , and the step into the green home.

  49. The Moji Hill is based on dense forest, is full of natural culture and complies with the city center ,it has blossomed into a green forest park with multi functions of traveling, climbing, sightseeing and experiencing. Notes: 1. in view of: 等于because of 2. whose: 在定语从句中作定语,修饰前面的the Moji hill 3. when standing------:分词短语作时间状语,可在分词前加when , whil New words: comic a 园锥的,园的 peak n 最高峰,山顶 transplant v 移植, archaize vi 用古词 Dense a 密集的

  50. Exercise: I. Answer the questions: 1. Where does the Moji Hill lie? 2. Which bus can take you to the Moji Hill in Yichang city? 3. How high is the Moji Hill? 4. What can you see when you stand on the Moji Hill? 5. What kind of park is the Moji Hill? key