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Unit Six

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Unit Six

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  1. Unit Six Marriage

  2. Objectives: • 1. grasp the main idea and structure of the text; • 2. appreciate the use of interior monologue in portraying a character’s inner world; • 3. master the key language points and usages; • 4. conduct a series of reading, listening, speaking and writing activities related to the theme of the unit.

  3. Time allotment:

  4. Questions to Answer • Have you attended someone’s wedding? (describe) • What do you think marriage is? Why? • What kind of marriage do you think is a good one ? Why? • Why did some people fail their marriage?

  5. Class Activity • 1) Ss divide into groups of 4-5. • 2) Each group will think of one of wedding ceremonies to describe. It could be a wedding tour, a western wedding ceremony in a church, etc. • 3) Ss give brief reports to the class.

  6. Structures and Main ideas

  7. The stream of consciousness and interior monologue By depicting people’s inner consciousness, the author can bring up the complexity and colorfulness of the inner world of the character, and thus explore deeply what really underlies external occurrences—people’s interior, or mental, lives.

  8. Some examples from the story by using interior monologues to reveal Gilbrt’s mental responses to the development of the entire event • 1.It was like Angela to remembered … L 4 … • 2.Yes, he went on, … L12 … • 3.To himself, he thought, as he pushed … L 30 … • 4.A rather incongruous gift it seemed… L 49 … • 5.She had, he supposed, other … L55 … • 6.Her words and the look … It was almost as if … L 72 … • 7.It was as if she had answered … L 82 … • 8.Who was B.M.? He could fill in … L 124 … • 9.That was just the kind of the thing B.M. … L 138 … • 10.He could see her … L 183 …

  9. Cultural Notes: • Virginia Woolf (1882-1941): an English novelist. She is well known for the experimental style of many of her books. She was one of the first writers to use the "stream of consciousness", a way of describing a person's thoughts and feelings as a flow of ideas as the person would have experienced them, without using the usual methods of description. She was a member of the Bloomsbury Group and is considered an important early writer about feminism (the idea that women should have the same fights and opportunities as men). Her best-known novels include Mrs Dalloway (1925), To the Lighthouse (1927) and Orlando (1928).

  10. House of Commons The lower house of the British Parliament, in which elected Members of Parliament meet to discuss current political issues and vote on Acts of Parliament. Click for more information

  11. Tower of London click One of the oldest and most famous buildings in London, England. It is an ancient fortress on the north bank of the fiver Thames to the east of the city, and is a popular tourist attraction. It was made a World Heritage Site in 1988.

  12. Language Study: 1. Outlive : live longer than 1. Some practices and rules have outlived their usefulness and require updating. 2. The world has outlived much,and will outlive a great deal more.

  13. 2. discretion: good judgment • While the Senate closed its three buildings, it allowed senators to enter offices at their own discretion. • You must show proper discretion in carrying out the plan. You must show proper discretion in carrying out the plan.

  14. 3. dab: touch lightly and quickly • She dabbed her eyes with a handkerchief. • Fingerprints, which literally leave the artist's unique print behind, are also fundamental to the overall effect, particularly when dabbing on the rich colours of blossoms.

  15. 4. incongruous: inappropriate; out of place • His private opinions were incongruous with his public statements. • The outcome is an incongruous spectacle of faux antique temples made with new bricks and cement, housing brown-painted plaster Buddha statues.

  16. 5. intrude: put ( oneself) into a situation where one is unwelcome; enter unwanted or unasked (followed by on/ into/ upon • I don't want to intrude my opinion upon you. • I am afraid that I intrude upon you. • "When the wind blew in the desert in the past, we couldn't even eat because sand would intrude into rooms andmake our food gritty."

  17. 6. threshold: a doorway forming an entrance to a building • He is on the threshold of adulthood. • They are at the threshold of a discussion. • While the new measures will not raise the threshold to market access, they will require real and adequate cash deposits from investors.

  18. 7. random: without any plan, aim, or pattern At random: in a random way; aimlessly • During a random check at four major intersections and four trunk roads connecting the city to other provinces, 1,574 overloaded vehicles were found. • "Stopping treasure hunters' random looting is not only the duty of Chinese, but the duty of the world. • To investigate whether iron replenishment might be helpful, the researchers conducted a study in which 11 patients at random were given daily treatment with iron dextran.

  19. 8. terrific: very great in size or degree; very good and enjoyable • The action of Shaolin kung fu is loud, colourful and exciting and it's done at terrific speed. • "Having spent some time in Brazil, I can tell you there's some pretty big boys up there who could probably be turned into terrific football players. • As the man shuffled into the camera's frame to shake hands with Kurdish official Bakir Jola, Mameh heard a terrific explosion and "my camera lens wentred with blood."

  20. 9. grief: great sorrow or feeling of suffering • Some of the bodies have been sent away in purple hearses, while some family members just arrived there to look for their beloved with grief. • After her initial grief, Xu was happy to resume her old routine of doing exercises in the morning sunshine with her neighbors, tending to her plants, and watching TV in the evening.

  21. 10. insignificant: of no value or importance • The other interesting factor that has been highlighted by the report is that the contribution of IT to employment generation in India is insignificant. • Officials said some documents were handwritten and others typed. Some are insignificant such as poems or verses from the Koran, while others are interesting, officials said.

  22. 11. slacken: become less active, intense,etc.; loosen; relax • Relevant experts note that in the future the number of brands will gradually drop due to market competition, but on the whole the competition pressure posed by the domestic brands to their foreign rivals will not slacken in the short term. • All sectors of society, including the civil service, must not allow their vigilance to slacken under the improving economic conditions. • The pace of private investment is expected to slacken and private spending will remain sluggish, they said.

  23. 12. paradise: heaven; a place of perfect happiness • This is almost a paradise on earth. • He remembers that when he was a child the lake was a paradise for fish and birds.

  24. 13. candour: the quality of being sincerely honest and faithful • Because of his candour and honesty, Han gained the trust of both the local authorities and the farmers. • “We really don’t know what to do about it,” she said with surprising candour.

  25. 14. inexplicable: too strange to be explained or understood • 'We find it inexplicable that the government enters into agreements on improved pay and conditions of service, then sets up a tranche of schools that can opt out of those very agreements,' she said. • Ellie Nycholat says she would go to work feeling healthy and leave with inexplicable symptoms.

  26. 15. stride: walk with long steps • The farmer strode across his fields. • Their living standards have taken a big stride forward particularly in the past 20 years since China launched the reform and opening drive. • The child could not keep up with his father's stride.

  27. Student Presentation Directions: You are required to look up the following words and expressions in the dictionary and give a brief presentation in the class. • Inscription • Distinguishable • Trustworthy • Prominent • In mourning • Parliament • jolly • Scrappy • Speculate • Pluck • Stubby • Obliterate • Impertinence • char • Engagement • Wait up • Hastily • Scoundrel • Mistress • Implore • mantelpiece

  28. Additional Exercises 1.There would be no mercy, only bitter revenge. When Brigge asked who it was they would revenge themselves on, the people rounded on him and threatened him with blows for the rudeness of his question and asked who he was. A. imperative B. indictment C. impertinence D. intervention 2. In the long run, pirated products may have a negative impact on customers because those lawful producers' creativity and enthusiasm may be deeply hurt by the fact that some customers are more interested in the pirated products for the sake of small gains. A.legitimate B. inherent C. ingenious D. invalid 3. During the meal he summoned up the courage to ask her on a date. To her surprise, he invited her to the Oscars the following month. A. piled up B. picked up C. set up D. plucked up C A D

  29. 4.       The incident, which occurred on Aug. 1 in the Ycua Bolanos supermarket, left 417 dead and 55 scorched human remains, plus 49 missing. A. coarsened B. codified C. conferred D. charred  5. It is the duty of me to thank the committee for their continued support of the group. A. falls to B. feels to C. runs to D. climbs to 6. In love, you'll be met with petty disputes and slight quarrels that will escalate into massive arguments. A. topsoils B. swans C. tiffs D. tows  7. Teenagers clicked away with their camera-phones. Television crews battled for prime filming position. And in one bizarre incident, a mother placed her infant before Mason, imploring him to sign his forehead. A. beseeching B. baffling C. bisecting D. bestiring D A C A

  30. 8.From an architectural point of view, the 1990s may come to be seen as "the age of the air terminal," as other eras were seen as the age of the railway station or the age of the minster. A. pasture B. cathedral C. mansion D. paradise 9. The details about rescuing efforts would be unveiled at a proper time in view of security reasons. A. in regard to B. at the thought of C. in consideration of D. in line with 10. Relics guardians said about 40 per cent of the old city area had undergone nearly wholesale destruction by 2002. They worried that urban renovation would break up the traditional frame of the city, making it difficult for younger generations to understand the life of old city. A. layout B. format C. fabric D. sketch 11. At our begging, some girls even sang songs. As time went on, their songs were punctuated by _____ as the hiking became more demanding, and thrilling. A. exclamations B. exhortations C. extraction D. exhaustion B C C A

  31. 12. Arriving in the elegant city in baggy combat trousers, fedora hat pulled low and a ______ cigar lodged in the side of his mouth, the shaggy-haired Depp said he was sorry he hadn't come sooner. A. sticky B. stiff C. sinewy D. stubby 13. Every fear we overcome, no matter how _________, helps prepare us for the next big thing that comes along. A. Insignificant B. indispensable C. inevitable D. influential 14. The attack failed because the missiles were old and inaccurate, and not because an on-board system of decoy flares deflected them as had been __________ at the time. A. projected B. speculated C. predicted D. assessed  15. Under the electoral law, half of the parliamentary seats are shared on a proportional basis by parties winning at least 5 percent of the popular vote, while the rest 225 seats are up for grab in individual _________ across the country.  A. chivalries B. constituencies C. cholesterols D. conventions D A B B

  32. 16. However, according to the Blood Centre, less than 20 per cent of the children were proved to be illegitimate as a result of the tests meaning that at least 80 per cent of the children's mothers were wrongly suspected of _________. A. iniquity B. infidelity C. sin D. offence 17. What is remarkable about the picture is that the faces of the elves are all ________ with vermilion, and the lines of their features are drawn in a highly exaggerated way. A. dashed B. dammed C. deceited D. dabbed 18. Among the conditions were jaundice, low blood sugar, respiratory _________, the need for intravenous feeding and difficulty maintaining body temperature. A. distress B. disgust C. disorder D. discourse 19. Bubbling on the fire are a pair of black pots containing Tibetan tea--an oily ______laced with salt and butter--and tsampa, a porridge made from barley. A. blur B. fare C. aliment D. concoction B D A D

  33. 20. resemble the cuneiform writing of the ancient Near East and hieroglyphic writing of ancient Egypt. A. Inflations B. Inscriptions C. inspirations D. isolations 21. Parent Jane Dennis from Leeds became suspicious of her 13-year-old son David when change went missing from her __________. A. marble B. missionary C. mantelpiece D. maneuver 22. It just appears that he may have caught a ________ at the top of the sand bowl, which caused his bike to hit hard on the front wheel, which sent him over the handlebars and, unfortunately, it appears that he hit his head on the slope. A. ruby B. rut C. relish D. reverse 23. Last August, her condition worsened and she knew she would succumb ________ the cancer soon. A. to B. for C. with D. on B C B A

  34. 24. One man, 89-year-old Richard Macaulay, died from the disease last Friday. Results from the ________ into his death are expected this week. A. inquest B. insight C. inspection D. detect 25. After she heard Kang shout, she ran over to him and saw the bears a hundred meters away, clearly __________ but without any sign of hostility. A. impressionable B. isolable C. indisputable D. distinguishable  26. The gown of the suit, made of tiger, leopard and otter fur and equipped with gold waistband and pearl _________, takes the owner two hours to wear it. A. napkin B. nil C. necklace D. novelty 27. The lady had only one regret that she had been stripped of everything she owned by her ex-husband, a heartless __________. A. scoundrel B. bandit C. hijacker D. highwayman A D C A

  35. 28.   The three men also alleged that they were repeatedly beaten, _______ in painful positions during interrogations and subjected to sleep deprivation. A. seceded B. snorted C. squinted D. shackled 29. From my seat I watched the scenes of _________, the toots of cars and buses competing with the sounds of thunder and lightning. A. chaos B. complexions C. clowns D. collisions  30. with the rapid advances of technology and the increasing globalization of the world, products are now becoming _________ at a faster rate, and the time from concept to market has to be shortened considerably. A. offhand B. ominous C. ornamental D. obsolete 31. The suicide rate has been increasing in the country, with the main reasons including mental diseases, drug and alcohol dependence, population migration, family and _______ problems, and life pressure. A. metallic B. marital C. monstrous D. muscular D A D B

  36. 32. Their narratives, simple and unpretentious yet rich with the realities of life, give the readers a real feeling of _________and warmth. A. infinity B. ingenuity C. intimacy D. imagery 33. In every case of ________ there is a 50% chance that the source of the problem lies with the male partner. A. infection B. inference C. ingenuity D. infertility 34. The natural environment for power facilities is deteriorating. Bad weather, such as lightening, _________ and ice, raises the probability of grid accidents. A. hypothesis B. hilarities C. hurricanes D. husbandry  35. Even though the ferry sank close to shore, the river is ________ here and it is hampering the rescue work. A. placid B. turbulent C. pacific D. exalted C D C B

  37. 36. The train, traveling from New York to Miami, was going 79 mph when it hit the rear quarter of the truck, separating the bed from the cab and pushing the mangled wreckage and _______ logs down the tracks. A. signified B. splintered C. slaughtered D. smuggled 37. Extended periods of time without communication with parents _______ a child's social skills, making them less willing to talk with others; they become withdrawn. A. devours B. seizures C. despoils D. erodes 38. Suffering is as essential to a good life, and as inextricable, as ________. A. bliss B. blotch C. boutique D. breach 39. After three hours of rescue work, all the ________ dolphins were helped into the sea with the rising tide. A. slithered B. streaked C. stranded D. stifled B D A C

  38. 40. Although locust plagues ________ from time to time are unavoidable, mankind can still keep them under control if effective measures are adopted in time. A. embedding B. erupting C. migrating D. flaming  41. Firefighters were preparing to flood the mine shaft with a gaseous compound to ________ the blaze. A. suffocate B. subdue C. appease D. alleviate  42. Such a weapon, it was stated, has ten times the power of _________ as that of the atom bomb dropped on Hiroshima. A. deprivation B. commission C. devastation D. inflation  43. The plane then landed safely. As relieved passengers disembarked the 14 men were _______ over to one side where they were taken away for questioning by airport authorities and the police. A. lamed B. shuffled C. fleed D. coasted B A C B

  39. 44. Human activities in recent years have __________ environmental degradation and resulted in rapid reduction in biodiversity. A. infuriated B. aggravated C. maddened D. irked  45. For those blacklisted husbands, including men often beating their wives, drinking alcohol and gambling, staff from the police station will be watchful of them and help them _______ their way of violence. A. perfect B. deviate C. amend D. diversified  46. The panda gestation period lasts 83 to 181 days. Several days before it gives birth, the mother panda eats much less than usual and then refuses to eat. Many start to build _______. A. dents B. craters C. dens D. pits  47. Established on June 12th, 1952, the theatre has ________ audiences all over the country with its distinctive performances. A. allured B. enthralled C. infatuated D. enticed B C C B

  40. 48. Knowing that the slightest mistake meant losing his job, the waiter served the customers _________ all the time. A. recklessly B. judiciously C. gingerly D. rationally 49. This ancient city is changing so fast that once familiar places disappear while new ones emerge. Thankfully the great historic buildings remain for __________. A. populace B. preoccupation C. primacy D. posterity  50. More and more people crowded around him including the Germany lady, her mother, her husband, a group of Belgian tourists and ________ admiring French children. A. a heap of B. a morsel of C. a brood of D. a bevy of C D D The End