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  2. Agenda Welcome to STMA Middle School East School Information Registration Information WEB Leaders Questions and Answers Parent Tours by 5th Graders and WEB Leaders

  3. MIDDLE SCHOOL COURSES • CORE includes • Math • Language Arts • Science • Social Studies (Geography and US History) • ALB – Active Learning Block • Technology Education Engineering (TEE) • Family and Consumer Science (FACS) • Art • Keyboarding • General Music • Band and/or Choir • Spanish • Health • Physical Education

  4. The School Day • Our school day is from 8:30 – 3:05. The building opens at 8:05 a.m. for students to enter. • Students participate in a 25 minute KORT Advisory Program (Reading, Character Education & Community Building) that is multi age • Students attend 52 minutes of class in the CORE area including: Math, Language Arts, Social Studies and Science • Students explore ALB classes on a daily rotation • Students will have art, general music and phyed once every three days throughout the school year. Students provide their own gym/swim wear. • Each grade level eats lunch together during a 30 minute period of time. 5th Graders enjoy a 10 minute recess in addition to their lunch time.

  5. STMA MIDDLE SCHOOL DAILY CLASS SCHEDULE - 2011-2012 Grade 5 Students welcomed into the building at 8:00 Warning Bell at 8:25 1st Hour - KORT - 8:30 - 8:55 2nd Hour - 9:00 - 9:52 3rd Hour – 9:56 – 10:41 (Responsive Hour) Recess and Lunch – 10:42 – 11:22 4th Hour – 11:24 – 12:16 5th Hour – 12:20 – 1:12 6th Hour – 1:16 – 2:08 7th Hour – 2:12 – 3:05 3:05 - Students Dismissal

  6. St. Michael-Albertville Middle School East Group D408 Nurse D411 Social D412 Olson D413 Buskey D414 Shettel D415 Fox D416 Kelly D417 Sukalski D418 Sundell D419 Merfeld D420 Attendance Clerk D100 Office D121 Counsel D413 D412 E703 Wimmer E705 Barrett D4146 D121 E702 J. Anderson D419 D415 D411 E701 Lefebvre Workroom D417 E706 Foltz D418 E707 Fore E708 Dewitt D416 E712 Peterson D100 Admin E710 Hedlund D420 E711 Riles Second Floor D408 Veurink Bus Parking Lot A105 Payne A104 V. Jeffery Main Entrance A107 Tveitbakk A102 Pilney 8th Grade Pod B204 Boisner A101 Holland B202 Mueller A108 Roche D400 Egnell/Anderson D404 Pool Office Kolling B 205 P. Jeffery A137 Ditlevson/ Stephens A138 B201 Mayer A100 Canton A109 Kelly D401 Syverson 7th Grade Pod D404 Girl’s Locker B200 Budion B207 Kucera Admin Weight Room B237 Kelley/ Rogers Swimming Pool A110 Lounge A115 Lab D B208 Turkowski B238 B215 Lab C B214 Lab B A111 Miller D406 Boy’s Locker B209 Kelm A114 Jordheim Band B213 D. Anderson Cafeteria A113 C. Bauer Band Boy’s Locker B229 Copy A112 Henkes-Anderson Gym 1 B212 Messick Girl’s Locker B234 Anderson/Konsor Ferris Gym 2 B211 Lab A B235 C302 Weber B210 Sass B216 Media Center C304 Jensen C301 Johnson Bleachers A117 Schlueter Choir C300 S.Bauer Cafeteria F126 Kitchen Gymnastics C319 Jefferies C305 Antil B228 6th Grade Pod Gym 3 C318 Miedema B223 Buchwald Courtyard B231 Vo C320 Zinnel B232Buch C337 Fischer F131 H108 A118 Art Lab B221 Patnode C321 Zinnel B222 Becker C317 Shaw Building Services B219 Krussow C338 C307 Middleton B217 Perkins C316 New DCD B220 ASD A119 Mitchell C313 Tech Lab C308 Vanderheiden B218 Resource First Floor C309 Autio C312 Andrews B226 Gehl B224 Heizelman C322 Christenson C315 Dvorak CAD B225 Bolin C310 Vagle C314 Prigge Shop C323 Erdmann Updated as of 8/08/07

  7. KORT/AR Schedule Monday: DEAR (Drop Everything and Read) Tuesday: Character Education Wednesday: Character Education Thursday: DEAR Friday: Character Education, Games, Community Building

  8. K O R T E = A Excellent S = C Satisfactory U = F Unsatisfactory A R • Brings a book every DEAR day and reads • Meets or exceeds AR goal • Brings a book most DEAR days and reads • Shows adequate progress towards AR goal • Rarely brings a book on DEAR days and/or usually doesn’t read • Not meeting AR goal C h a r a t e r • Above average participation in class/group discussions and other KORT activities (i.e. door decorating) • Above average completion of Quest requirements (reading articles, answering questions, responding in journal, etc.) • Positive and/or encouraging attitude • Average participation in class/group discussions and other KORT activities (i.e. door decorating) • Average completion of Quest requirements (reading articles, answering questions, responding in journal, etc.) • Average attitude • Little to no participation in class/group discussions and other KORT activities (i.e. door decorating) • Little to no completion of Quest requirements (reading articles, answering questions, responding in journal, etc.) • Poor attitude The grade earned in KORT counts toward students’ GPA.


  10. Responsive Hour • The ultimate goal within the Responsive Hour is to assure the basic math and reading skills of all students while providing enrichment classes at a variety of levels for students demonstrating proficiency. • Students who have demonstrated a need for additional assistance in the area of reading and/or math will be scheduled for classes to address that achievement gap. • Students who demonstrate proficiency within their basic math and reading skills will have a choice of enrichment classes to participate in. • Band and Choir Students will experience 3 trimester ALB classes in addition to their musical selection. • Non Band/Choir students will participate in the same 3 trimester ALB classes and have the opportunity to choose from a menu of enrichment courses. • Band and Choir are each a full year commitment. • 5TH Grade Band Meeting will be held in August.

  11. Be sure to log into TIES SchoolView to review your child’s Test History and Report Card.

  12. School View Testing History

  13. School View Testing History

  14. Registration Steps Registration Instructions: Review Course Descriptions with your child and make selections on Registration Form Log into TIES SchoolView on the STMA Homepage Select your child’s name Choose the Registration Link on the main page Review any preselected courses located at the bottom of the screen Enter the Course for your first selection (Example: 5 BANDCHOIR) Enter the Course for your second selection (Example: 5 OPT 2) Proceed to review and confirm your registration Confirm your request

  15. Online Registration • The registration window is open beginning tonight. • We will host an evening during the window to assist families with questions. • April 29 3:30 – 6:30 p.m. • We will post a tutorial that will walk you through the process.

  16. Counseling Team • School Counselor • Mrs. Hanenberger • School Social Worker • Mrs. Buskey

  17. Ways to empower your child! • Lockers – Take time to teach your child how to open their lockers (instructions are posted in the neighborhoods) and give them the opportunity to practice opening it until they feel confident. Locker combinations need to be kept private for your child’s own protection. • Schedule – Review your child’s schedule with them and walk through their day to locate classrooms. • Passing Time/Bathroom – Identify times within their schedule to use the restroom, go to their locker and be to class on time. This may seem trivial, but is often an area of concern. Students go to their lockers every few class periods. Not after every class.

  18. Ways to empower your child! • Staff – Remind them that they are not alone in feeling excited, nervous, or uncertain. We are here to help them and know that this will be a transition. Take time to have your son/daughter introduce themselves and you to their teachers. This will help them find friendly faces those first few days of school. • Involvement – Encourage your child to get involved with school activities! There are a number of different opportunities including both academic and athletic programs! These activities are promoted during our daily announcement, televised announcements, and our school web page.

  19. Empowering Parents • School View – Parent Portal: • Outstanding initiative to improve communication between school and home. • Empowers parents to access information on their child’s attendance, grades, lunch account, health information and discipline. • Parents Needing Login: Please visit the School Office to obtain login information. • Teacher Web Pages: • Updated weekly and contain information regarding lessons and assignments covered and assigned during class. Often have links to online textbooks and class notes when available.

  20. Morning Drop off and Afternoon Student Pick Up Procedures

  21. WEB Leaders • Ashlee Halgrimson • Calissa Plocharski • Charlie Falk • Abby Bistodeau • Nora Weigle

  22. WEB ROCKS STMA!!Where Everybody BelongsCalissa • Easy transition • 8th grade mentors • Fun connections

  23. WEB Leaders - Ashlee

  24. Welcome aboard!! Calissa

  25. Orientation Day - Ashlee

  26. WEB CoordinatorsAshlee Mr. Ditlevson Mrs. Buskey Mrs. Vanderheiden Mrs. Swanson

  27. Meeting the WEB Leaders – Calissa

  28. Small Groups - Calissa

  29. Small Group ToursAshlee

  30. Small Group Tours

  31. Small Group Tours

  32. Small Group Tours

  33. Academic and Social Support-Calissa and Ashlee • Social activities to build community • “Fall into Fun” • “Shamrock Shazamm” • “Spring Carnival” • Morning Meetings • Games with WEB Leaders • Activity Night Helpers • Community Outreach • Fish Fry, Bracelets for Tyler Purohit • Academic instruction with ‘Middle School’ issues • How to ask for help? • Success with Study Skills. • How to deal with rumors and gossip. • Putting kids up not down.

  34. Fall into Fun